News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)






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  • July 31, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Bus hit by roadside bomb in Afghanistan, 32 killed, including children
    Associated Press: A roadside bomb tore through a bus in western Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing at least 32 people, including children, a provincial official said. Mohibullah Mohib, spokesman for the police chief in Farah province, said the explosion also wounded 15 people. Most of the wounded were said to be in critical condition, indicating the death toll could rise. The bus was traveling on a main highway between the western city of Herat and the southern city of Kandahar.      Full news...

  • July 30, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghan government and Nato killing more civilians than the Taliban
    The Guardian: Afghan forces and their international allies killed more civilians in the first half of 2019 than the Taliban and other militant groups, UN figures show, extending a trend that began in the first quarter of the year. This year is the first time since civilian casualty records started over a decade ago that pro-government forces have caused more deaths than insurgents, raising serious questions about the western mission there.      Full news...

  • July 28, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    It is time to reckon with blood and treasure lost in Afghanistan
    The Hill: America needs to reckon with the purpose of war and lives lost in Afghanistan. There is no reason that more American service members should lose their lives there. The real strategic mistake is not withdrawing too fast. It is remaining there or withdrawing slowly and painfully because of hubris or a sunk cost fallacy.      Full news...

  • July 25, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    At Least 50 Killed In Separate Attacks In Afghanistan Despite Peace Efforts
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: wave of attacks across three Afghan provinces, including the capital, Kabul, despite renewed momentum in peace efforts to put an end to the country’s nearly 18-year war. Three blasts in eastern Kabul on July 25 left at least 10 dead, including five women while 41 others were wounded, Ministry of Public Health spokesman Wahidullah Mayar said.      Full news...

  • July 21, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    “It’s something we use for fun”: A new street drug in Afghanistan
    Al Jazeera: The Zangoui settlement, where members of the Kochi nomad population live for part of the year, is on the edge of Jalalabad in Afghanistan’s east. It is usually quiet, cut off from the bustle of the commercial and cultural hub. But on one warm day last month, the calm was broken by the sounds of a Ford Ranger speeding down the road.      Full news...

  • July 18, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghanistan: Kabul University hit by deadly explosion
    Al Jazeera: At least eight people have been killed after a bomb detonated near university premises in Afghanistan’s capital on Friday, officials said.Wahidullah Mayar, the Health Ministry spokesman, wrote on Twitter that another 33 people were wounded in Friday’s explosion. Reports said the blast took place near Kabul University's southern entrance.      Full news...

  • July 17, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Child suicide bomber kills at least 9, wounds more than a dozen at Afghanistan wedding
    Fox News: As U.S. officials continue in Qatar to negotiate a peace agreement with the Taliban that would bring an end to the stalemate 18-year conflict – miles away in Afghanistan itself – bombings and bloodshed still define daily life On Friday, at least nine people died and more than a dozen injured – according to the BBC – when a child was made to detonate a suicide bomb at a wedding celebration in the eastern province of Nangarhar near the Pakistan border.      Full news...

  • July 12, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghanistan: Special Forces Raid Medical Clinic
    Human Rights Watch: Afghan special forces raided a medical clinic in Wardak province on the night of July 8-9, 2019, and executed four civilians, Human Rights Watch said today. Afghan authorities should promptly and thoroughly investigate the attack and appropriately prosecute those responsible. Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that security forces entered the clinic in the Day Mirdad district.      Full news...

  • July 11, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    The sex scandal at the heart of the Afghan government
    Yogita Limaye: Afghanistan has been rocked by allegations of sexual harassment at the highest levels of government. Officials deny wrongdoing but a BBC investigation has heard from women who describe a culture of abuse. In a house near the foot of the dusty mountains that surround Kabul, I meet a former government employee. She asks to remain anonymous because she fears a backlash. But she wants the world to hear her story.      Full news...

  • July 1, 2019 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghanistan War’s Terrible Toll on Children
    Human Rights Watch: On July 1, a Taliban truck bomb apparently aimed at a Ministry of Defense facility in Kabul blew out the windows of a nearby school, injuring many civilians, including dozens of children. The attack is a grim reminder of the war in Afghanistan’s horrific toll on children. Since 2016, children have accounted for roughly 30 percent of the estimated 11,000 civilian casualties every year in the conflict.      Full news...