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Nangarhar Residents Claim Foreign Airstrike Killed 8 civilians, injured 10

Officials say Daesh militants were killed in the airstrikes but acknowledge a delegation has been sent to investigate the claims

 Man injured in foreign forces' airstrike in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan
July 24, 2017: Man injured in foreign forces' airstrike in Haska Mena district of Nangarhar province, eastern Afghanistan. According to the locals, the airstrike killed eight people and injured ten others. (Photo:

Residents of Haska Mena district of Nangarhar province said on Monday that a foreign forces airstrike on Sunday killed eight civilians and wounded ten others.

“People had gathered in Meyaje Baba area for a prayer ceremony when foreign forces bombed them and killed lots of people and now we brought a number of wounded people to the hospital,” said Neyaz a resident of Haska Mena.

Relatives of the wounded civilians, who are in a Jalalabad city hospital, said the airstrike mostly affected civilians.

“According to my information eight people were killed including a woman and ten others were wounded. Such airstrikes should be stopped and the safety of civilians must be considered seriously,” said Asmatullah Shinwari a parliament member.

But Nangarhar police said that civilian casualties will be determined after an investigation by a delegation sent to investigate the airstrike.

“Daesh was using civilian houses and foreign forces tried a lot to not harm civilians; a number of Daesh commanders were killed in the strike; in total 25 Daesh militants were killed and according to information a number of civilians were also killed and wounded; a delegation has been sent to the area to investigate the incident,” said provincial police spokesman Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiwal.

Nangarhar police said that at least 25 Daesh militants were killed in foreign airstrikes in two villages of Haska Mena district.

At the moment Daesh militants are active in six districts of Nangarhar province.

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