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1TV, July 23, 2017

Taliban fighters kill doctors and patients before torching hospital in Ghor: police

They also torched a nearby hospital after opening fire on doctors and patients

Taliban fighters opened fire on doctors and patients before they torched a hospital in Afghanistan's central-western province of Ghor on Sunday, police said.

The attack on the hospital happened as 800 Taliban fighters stormed Taywara district in the morning in bid to take control of it. The district eventually fell to militants.

During the attack, the insurgents torched the provincial governor’s office.

They also torched a nearby hospital after opening fire on doctors and patients, Iqbal Nizami, a spokesman for provincial police, said.

He said that the district came under Taliban control after Afghan forces retreated to avoid civilian casualties.

The official declined to detail on casualties from the assault.

In the meantime, the insurgents also launched attacks on Shahrak district in the same province of Ghor.

Nezami, however, said that the Afghan forces resisted and repelled the attacks.

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