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Firstpost, July 15, 2017

Afghanistan: School destroyed, three children injured in airstrike by US-led forces in Kunduz province

Three children in the nearby house were injured in the attack

NATO airstrike kills 30 and wounds 25 in Afghan province on Nov. 3, 2016
Nov. 3, 2016: 30 civilians were killed and 25 wounded in a NATO airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Most of the casualties were women and children as young as three months old. Kunduz civilians told Al Jazeera the death toll was even higher than the figure given by officials. (Photo:

Kabul: At least three persons were injured when a school was destroyed in an airstrike in Afghanistan's Kunduz province on Saturday, an official said.

A fighter pounded the Khawja Mashad area in Kunduz city, 250 km north of Kabul, also destroying a house in the morning, Xinhua quoted Education Department Director Janat Gul Nasiri as saying.

Three children in the nearby house were injured in the attack, he said.

The official said 13 shops close to the school were also damaged.

"Since it was early in the morning and there was no student in the school, hence there was no loss of life," Nasiri said.

He blamed the United States-led coalition forces for the attack.

Kunduz has been the scene of heavy fighting over the past several months as the Taliban militants have been attempting to overrun the city.

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