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HPC Spends over 530,000 USD on Monthly Salaries: TOLOnews Report

The national budget of the HPC has been reported to be 2.5 million USD, but the council's officials say they have spent more than 190 million USD on their plans so far

By Tamim Hamid

A study by TOLOnews reveals that the High Peace Council (HPC) spends more than $530,000 USD per month on the salaries of its employees. The highest salary in this organization is $18,000 USD.

The report also reveals a number of rifts within the HPC leadership, saying that some members of the council have not attended official meetings for a long time.

The HPC was established in 2010 with 68 members, including eight women.

The HPC says that it has so far convinced 11,000 anti-government armed militants to lay down their arms and join the peace process. The militants have handed over more than 6,000 weapons after efforts by the council all over the country.

According to the report more than 40 employees of the HPC and over 180 people that joined the peace process, have lost their lives during the process.

The national budget of the HPC has been reported to be $2.5 million USD, but the council's officials say they have spent more than $190 million on their plans so far.

"Nearly $190 million has been spent and at least 80 percent of the budget has been spent through development organizations on development projects," said Farhadullah Farhad, deputy secretariat of the HPC.

The report indicates that the salary of the HPC leadership of 16 people totals $346,000 USD monthly. The monthly salary of the HPC secretariat made up of 92 officials totals $92,830 USD – with highest monthly salary of $7,000 USD.

The salaries of 76 security, administrative and transport workers of the council totals $24,691 USD – with the highest monthly salary of $1,000 USD.

The monthly salary of 165 HPC workers in over 30 provinces of the country totals $346,750 USD – with highest monthly salary of $1,450 USD.

But despite that, the HPC says it lacks the budget to fulfill its requirements.

"We have limited facilities. The HPC formation in provinces has been suspended due to the lack of budget," deputy chief of HPC Attaurrahman Salim.

The report has found that there are rifts within the HPC leadership that have affected its activities.

"It is natural that the international community does not contribute to the HPC to the extent it had done in the past. One of the reasons behind this problem is that HPC's newly appointed chief Sayed Ahmad Gailani had not been able to start practical work so far," Assadullah Amarkhail, former HPC member.

Another report by TOLOnews recently revealed that Sayed Ahmad Gailani has appointed 60 new guards for the security of his house at a total monthly salary of over 18 million Afghanis (over $260,000 USD).

The report showed that six senior employees of the HPC had decided to resign due to rifts in the leadership.

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