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600 Cases of Violence Against Women in Three Months: Ministry of Women Affairs

"The majority of the cases are physical assault and family violence"

By Nabeela Ashrafi

Up to 600 cases of violence against the women have been reported in the country over the last three months, the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWa) announced on Sunday.

The Ministry called on president Ashraf Ghani and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah to take action against the growing trend.

MoWa also insisted on the implementation of justice after Aziz Gul was brutally murdered by armed men after being accused of escaping from home.

The incident occured in Ghor province in northern Afghanistan. Human rights groups slammed the atrocity as a public trial.

MoWA has also asked the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs to ban institutions that are engaged in promoting extremism and hatred against the women.

"Up to 600 cases of violence against women have been registered across the country. The majority of the cases are physical assault and family violence," Minister of Women Affairs Dilbar Nazari said.

"To eliminate violence, we need to expand cooperation between the ministries of Women Affairs, Hajj and Religious Affairs and of Education. The ministries need to outline comprehensive programs to this end," women rights activist Humaira Saqib said.

"Children at schools must be taught lessons about the fundamental rights of the girls and women," deputy minister of women, technical affairs and planning, Spozghmai Wardak said.

"The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs is considering a number of programs to eliminate violence and extremism in the country. The start of training programs for mosque Imams demonstrates that commitment," deputy minister of Hajj and Religious Affaris DaiulHaq Abid said.

The ministry of women affairs has also launched nationwide lawsuits on behalf of victims of violence.

Women rights activist have asked the Afghan government, particularly judicial institutions, to ensure the arrest of a man who has rapped a 23 year-old woman named Suhaila.

Suhaila was allegedly raped in Yangi Qala village of Takhar province by an armed man, Rahimullah, a former police security guard of Takhar province Malik Tatar. Takhar women affairs department has said the man still serves as a local policeman.

"An individual apparently associated to powerful commanders has raped Suhaila, a 23 year-old girl, but the rapist is now living freely. I asked the security organs to arrest Rahimullah and refer him to the judicial institutions," Razm Ara Hawash, head of Takhar women affairs department said.

Takhar provincial council has, however, said that local government is unable to arrest the man.

Former police chief of Yangi Qala district told TOLOnews that Rahimullah and Suhaila have had telephonic conversations and that they were now legally married. "Rahimullah and Suhaila had friendly relations, their relations led to their marriage. They are happy now," he said.

"Lawbreakers create problems for the people in Takhar. In another recent incident, armed men associated with powerful individuals have raped a girl in Yangi Qala village. The criminals are moving about freely and there is no one to arrest them," a member of Takhar provincial council Mohammad Yaqoub Nazari said.

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