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Key High Peace Council Members Work For Foreigners: Spokesman

"2,400 projects have been approved by the council for provinces, but the funding was embezzled"

Mawlavi Shahzada Shahid
Mawlavi Shahzada Shahid, spokesman of the HPC. (

A spokesman for the High Peace Council on Tuesday said funding for 2,400 HPC projects has been embezzled and that key members of the council are being paid by foreign embassies.

While appearing on a TOLOnews current affairs show, Tawde Khabare, Mawlavi Shahzada Shahid, spokesman for the HPC, let slip that prominent members of the HPC's secretariat were working for foreign embassies.

"President [Ashraf] Ghani and [Chief Executive Officer] Abdullah Abdullah should know this. A person, who was working in the High Peace Council and is now working at the Ministry of Defense, was receiving €9,000 Euro (about $10,580 USD) monthly salary from a [foreign] embassy," he said.

Speaking of embezzlement in the HPC, Shahid said that the council was paying $3.5 million USD to a television channel in order for them to broadcast HPC related news.

He went on to say that "2,400 projects have been approved by the council for provinces, but the funding was embezzled".

He said that there are people in the council who don't have the expertise to work there and they rarely appear at sessions of the council.

Abdul Khaliq Watandost, a member of Kabul provincial council, meanwhile criticized the activities of the HPC and the peace process in general.

"The council spent hundreds of millions of dollars, but it didn't yield results that people of Afghanistan expected," he said.

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