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Body of Woman Killed By Husband Found in Baghlan Home

"After four nights, suddenly my brother slipped when his foot touched the body of my mother, which was under the floor."

By Ghafoor Saboory

The body of a woman named Tahira allegedly killed by her husband was found at her house in northern Baghlan province this week, local officials said on Wednesday.

The Director of Baghlan's provincial Women's Affairs Department, Khadija Yaqin, has maintained Tahira was murdered by her spouse. "We urge the security forces to arrest and punish those behind Tahira's killing," she told TOLOnews on Wednesday.

Tahira's sons say their mother went missing four days before they traumatically found her body in their house on Tuesday night.

Two brothers abandoned by father who killed their mother
The boys were abandoned by their father after he killed their mother. (Photo:

Ahmad, Tahira's son told TOLOnews that he and his brother spent four nights without either of their parents. "We were trying to find our mom," he said.

"After four nights, suddenly my brother slipped when his foot touched the body of my mother, which was under the floor."

Tahira's other son had little doubt in his mind about who was responsible for his mother's death. "My father has killed my mother and has escaped with my two sisters and one brother and has left us alone," he said. The two boys are now staying with their neighbors.

Baghlan Provincial Council member Shah Jahan Ayubi has also confirmed that Tahira's husband is the likely culprit in the murder.

Nevertheless, Baghlan police say they will conduct a full investigation in order to establish exactly what happened. "We have kicked off an investigation in this regard and are trying to find Tahira's killer," said Abdul Ghafar Taqwa, the chief of Baghlan's Crime Investigation Department (CID). "I want to assure Tahira's children that their father will be arrested in near future."

According to Baghlan's Women Affair's Department, violence against women has spike over the past month. A woman and a girl were reportedly executed by a kangaroo court and two girls were kidnapped by armed men.

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