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Cousin of Farah Provincial Council Head Accused of Raping Boy

The Afghanistan Human Rights Organization said that the police did little to arrest the suspect

By Shakeela Ibrahimkhail

The commander of an armed group in Farah has been accused of the kidnap, rape and torture of a 17-year-old boy, said the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization on Thursday.

According to the human rights group, the boy was allegedly kidnapped in Farah province by Hamid Bakhto, a relative of the provincial council head. Bakhto is also accused of having committed similar offences in the past.

Lal Gul Lal, head of the rights group, said: "This boy was working in a bakery .... And Hamid Bakhto, the commander of a group of armed men, kidnapped the boy and took him to Bala Bolik district where he raped him and then used hot metal to burn him."

The Afghanistan Human Rights Organization said that the police did little to arrest the suspect. "Hamid Bakhto commits ugly crimes and he is supported by his cousin who is provincial council head and other relatives who are in the police," Lal said.

However, the provincial council head Farid Bakhtor, did confirm the beating of the boy by his cousin but said it was a once off occurrence and that he does not support his cousins actions. He said he has assisted in the move to have him arrested.

"No kidnapping and no rape took place - only a beating. I never back any one and the crime is isolated," Farah provincial council head Farid Bakhto told TOLOnews.

But the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization refutes this and said the boy and his family have been subjected to beatings on several occasions. They have also been threatened by the commander.

However the suspect, Bakhto, has been detained but efforts are being made to secure his release.

The rights organization argues that the National Unity Government and judicial institutions need to step in and transfer the case to Kabul to ensure justice is carried out.

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