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ToloNews, June 6, 2013

Drone Attack Kills Three Afghan Civilians in Kunar

Three civilians including a woman were killed and six others (including two women) wounded

Faridullah Sahil

A foreign force's drone strike killed at least three civilians and wounded six others in the eastern Kunar province on Wednesday, officials said.

Kunar Provincial Governor Fazlullah Wahidi confirmed the attack and said that these civilians were killed Wednesday night when foreign forces wanted to target the Taliban insurgents in the Dara Pech area of Nangam district.

"Preliminary information showed that a house fell prey to the drone attack, in which three civilians including a woman were killed and six others (including two women) wounded," Wahidi told TOLOnews.

The Provincial Governor added that the victims belonged to one family.

In the mean time, Fazlullah Wahidi said that they have appointed a team to investigate the incident in the area and find out if there are more casualties.

The foreign forces have not commented on the attack until now.

Every drone costs 4.5 million USD!
Every Predator drone in Afghanistan costs taxpayers 4.5 million USD.

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