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Brother of Kunduz MP Arrested for Hanging Wife

"The reason of the murder is not yet clear but it seems that she was killed because of a family violation"

By Karim Amini

Shukria Paikan Ahmady
Shukria Paikan Ahmady, current member of Parliament, whose brother has been arrested for hanging his wife to death. (Photo:

The brother of a Kunduz lawmaker was arrested in the northern province for allegedly hanging his wife on Monday, officials told TOLOnews.

Zarghona, who was married to the brother of MP Shukria Paikan, was killed in her home last night by hanging.

Kunduz police said Zarghona's husband used a rope to hang his wife and was being detained until investigations were complete.

"Zarghona, 30 years old, was killed last night in the 4th district of Kunduz City by her husband. Police have detained her husband," northern 303 Pamir police zone spokesperson Lal Muhammad Ahmadzai said Tuesday.

"The reason of the murder is not yet clear but it seems that she was killed because of a family violation. She has two children and her husband's name is Hamidullah," he said, adding that the husband was the MP's brother.

The provincial women's department called for a thorough investigation.

"When we were alerted about the incident we went to the police. They said the cause is still under investigation and it is unclear," the women's department spokesperson said.

More violence against women has been reported in recent months, but there remains much to be done against such violations.

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