News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)






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RAWA News, July 18, 2012

A member of Bamyan’s Provincial Council accused of raping and murdering a teenage girl

Shakila a young girl raped and killed by Wahidi Beheshti
A photo circulating in the social networking websites reads on top of Wahidi Beheshti's photo: Let's not allow those responsible for Shakila's blood go unpunished! The caption on Shakila's dead body reads: Shakila was only 16-years old.
Below it shows the photos of three lawmakers in the parliament, from left to right Said Alimi Balkhi, Said Hussein Anwari and Said Fokori Beheshti (brother of the murderer) who are pressurizing the Court of Appeals in Bamyan province to free Wahidi Beheshti.

A member of the Bamyan Provincial Council, Wahidi Beheshti, is accused of killing a young girl named Shakila on January 22 this year in his own house in Bamyan province. She had been raped by Beheshti and then killed with a gun of his bodyguard.

Shakila was raped and killed
Shakila's dead body drenched in blood. She was raped and killed in cold blood.

Beheshti’s family claimed Shakila had committed suicide; however forensics proved that she had been killed. Wahidi Beheshti denied any involvement in the matter but the police had also said that Shakila had been killed with a gun of Beheshti’s bodyguard Qurban. Also the forensics who performed the postmortem said they had found evidence that Shakila had been raped by Beheshti before she was killed.

According to Mohammad Alam, Shakila’s brother, both Beheshti and his nephew Abdul Wahab were present at the scene of the murder but both denied their presence. He had told Bokhdi News Agency, “Wahidi Beheshti threatened my family by phone several times and demanded that we cooperate with them so that the matter is resolved quietly. He promised in his phone calls that he will pay the court money to free Qurban (accused of murder) and wrap up the matter in whatever way possible.”

Wahidi Beheshti’s brother Fokori Beheshti is a member of the parliament and his father was a strongman in the area during the 1990s. The case is under deliberation in a court in Bamyan province but Beheshti’s powerful brother and friends are trying to free him by any means possible. According to sources Fokori Beheshti, Said Hussain Anwari and Said Alimi Balkhi (all members of the national assembly) have pressurized the police forensics not to present evidence of Shakila’s rape by Wahidi Beheshti to the court.

In a country where so-called lawmakers rape and kill an innocent girl, it is only natural to expect obstruction of justice. There are thousands of Shakilas who die victims or live a life of pain and sufferings, and hundreds of Beheshtis who roam about freely thanks to the impunity given to them by cruel local commanders, misogynist lawmakers and judges, and ultimately the corrupt mafia government.

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