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PAN, July 1, 2012

Hundreds rally in Kabul seeking land plots

By Abasin Zaheer

Protest against land mafia in Kabul
Photo: PAN

Hundreds of people on Sunday took out a protest rally east of Kabul, asking the government to launch the distribution of land plots to them in the Qala-i-Zaman Khan locality.

The protestors blocked a road leading to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for several hours against traffic in the 16th police district, chanting slogans against the municipality department.

“Death to land mafia, down with law violators,” they chanted while marching on roads. The road leading to the foreign ministry remained blocked for at least three hours.

A participant of the rally, Mohammad Qasim, said he had obtained legal documents of a plot from the government ten years ago. He said a number of people like him had been unable over the past many years to get their plots from the municipality.

He said they had approached time and again the Presidency, Supreme Court, municipality and other departments, but their calls fell on deaf ears.

He said they wanted their rights and would continue to protest until their demands were met.

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