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PAN, May 24, 2012

Girl accuses local policeman of raping her

By Wahidullah

Kunduz police station
Kunduz police station. (Photo: PAN)

A teenage girl in the northern province of Kunduz on Thursday claimed a local policeman raped her and held her captive for several days.

A group of policemen, led by Commander Mohammad Ishaaq Nizami, forcibly entered her house and took her away last week, the 18-year-old alleged.

Flanked by her parents, the girl told reporterd: “Four men of the local police commander entered our house, they tied my hands, beat me and took me to an unknown area, where one of them assaulted me sexually.”

She added: “I feel ashamed. If the government doesn’t investigate my case, I will commit suicide,” the rape victim warned, saying she was kept in captivity for five days.

Ghulam Mohammad, the victim’s father, said the commander was a powerful man, so no one could arrest him.

Police spokesman, Syed Sarwar Hussaini, denied the commander’s involvement in the case and said two suspects detained in connection with the crime did not work for him.

Hussaini said the suspects had a prior dispute with the girl’s family and the case would be referred to the prosecutor’s office.

Forensic reports confirmed the girl was raped and her hymen ruptured, said Hayatullah Amiri, head of the Independent Human Rights Commission. But forensic department officials refused to comment.

The alleged rapists -- local police members or tribal militiamen -- should be punished according to the law, he stressed. “As I know, the rapists are loyal to the local police commander.”

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