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Khaama Press, April 25, 2012

Afghan water & energy minister accused of corruption

By Sadaf Shinwari

Ismail Khan Ismail Khan, minister of Afghan water and energy is also an infamous warlords accused of crimes. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Chief of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption of Afghanistan disclosed the name of an Afghan cabinet minister who has been charged with corruption.

Dr. Azizullah Lodeen while speaking among the Kabul University lecturers said Mohammad Ismail minister of water and energy is involved in stealing money and properties.

He also said he was strictly criticized for accusing some individuals in corruption charges.

Mr. Lodeen did not disclose further information regarding the exact amount of money he has stolen and the properties seized by him.

However Mr. Lodeen while speaking at a general session of the Afghan house of representatives said they have given confidence vote to a minister who is involved in $70 million corruptions.

In the meantime Dr. Azizullah Lodeen accused Afghan judiciary officials for supporting the corrupt government officials.

But Afghan Supreme Court officials deny the allegations by Chief of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption of Afghanistan.

Chief of the publications for Afghan Supreme Court said the judiciary institutions of Afghanistan are there to defend the properties of the government and Afghan people. The special tribunal for oversight and anti-corruption is active in Kabul and other provinces.

This comes as the Afghan Supreme Court earlier dismissed several personnel working for the same organization who were charged with the corruption. According to reports around 65 individuals who were dismissed by Supreme Court were Afghan judges.

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