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Zee News, July 29, 2011

Afghan war has cost Britain 18 bn Pounds

The committee said that this year itself military operations in Afghanistan will cost more than GBP 4 billion

London: The cost of British military operations in Afghanistan was on Thursday officially estimated at over GBP 18 billion (around USD 29 billion), The Guardian reported.

The figures released by the House of Commons defence committee also show the cost of imposing a UN-backed no-fly zone in Libya as well as the cost of bombing targets at GBP 260 million (around USD 424 million).

The report, however, stated that these were just estimates.

"The total cost of operations in Afghanistan is not known," and that it was "too early to forecast the cost of British operations in Libya".

The committee said that this year itself military operations in Afghanistan will cost more than GBP 4 billion.

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