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Rethink Afghanistan, December 9, 2010

NOT WORTH IT: Every Predator drone in Afghanistan costs taxpayers 4.5 million USD

The Afghanistan War isn’t making us safer, and it’s not worth the cost.

Every drone costs 4.5 million USD!

With millions of Americans out of work, you'd hope that our elected officials would be focused on putting people back to work instead of wasting money on war. If only. While it takes an act of God to get unemployment insurance benefits extended for people who lost their jobs, politicians are spending freely on a war in Afghanistan that's not making us safer.

Case in point: every Predator drone in use in Afghanistan cost taxpayers $4.5 million.

And a third of them crash.

These drones aren't making us safer. In fact, the civilian casualties caused by the strikes makes it more likely that people will seek to attack the United States in retaliation. You can learn more about the dangers of drones by watching our recent Rethink Afghanistan video on this topic.

The Afghanistan War isn’t making us safer, and it’s not worth the cost. We need our politicians focused on putting people back to work, not on spending billions on a useless war in Afghanistan.

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