City State Times, December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks Accuses US Company of Bad Conduct in Afghanistan

Once the show is over the services of the boys will be auctioned off to the highest bidder

By David Shenbrood

In another hot issue and hot water, United States based company, DynCorp is engaging in taboo activities that humiliates young Afghan males. According to WikiLeaks and other corroborated reports there was party partially thrown by DynCorp for Afghan police recruits in Kunduz Province. During this party Bacha boys were invited to perform a so called “traditional dance”.

Dyncorp label
DynCorp label

Bacha boys are those that performed a bacha bazi which is a pre-Islamic Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. These boys are aged eight- to 15-years-old. During the dance the bacha boys would put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women’s clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men.

Once the show is over the services of the boys will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. We would not like to elaborate on the types of services that are being mentioned but according to reports these pertains to sexual intercourse.

United States Departmetn tagged the practice as a “widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape.”

This is not the first time that DynCorp was accused of such a shameful act. In Bosnia in 1999, a US policewoman by the name of Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from DynCorp after blowing the whistle on a sex-slave ring operating there. The employees of the corporation accoring to WikiLeaks were accused of raping and peddling girls as young as 12 from countries like Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

We are wondering how come that corporations like this is being funded by the United States government and why are they allowed to stay? Their actions are abominable and requires the highest level of punishment.

Is this true or not? Well an investigation should be done after all this is no laughing matter.

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