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PAN, October 12, 2010

6 civilians killed as rocket hits car in Paktika

He confirmed six civilians had been killed in the incident that sparked a protest by locals

By Obaid Kharotai

SHARAN - A Taliban-fired rocket hit a vehicle in southwestern Paktika province on Tuesday, killing six civilians, the interior ministry said.

The early morning incident happened in the Ghaibikhel area of Yahyakhel district, the ministry said in a statement. The dead included a woman, it said.

However, a local named Gul Muhammad Katawazai, said the rocket was fired NATO-led forces after they were attacked by insurgents in the area. He confirmed six civilians had been killed in the incident that sparked a protest by locals. The resident said the protestors were on their way to Sharan, the provincial capital, when police blocked them in Yosufkhel district.

NATO forces have said nothing about the incident.

Paktika governor's spokesman, Mukhlis Afghan, told Pajhwok Afghan News they had received reports about the incident. However, he said it was immediately not know who fired the rocket.

In neighboring Paktia province, a family of five were killed in a bomb blast two days back.

According to a report released by the United Nations, 3,000 civilians suffered causalities over the past six months of the ongoing year in Afghanistan. A 76 percent of the casualties were a result of roadside blasts.

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