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PAN, September 18, 2010

15 killed, 40 wounded on voting day in Afghanistan

A blast was heard elsewhere and a rocket fired into Kabul, hitting the National Radio Television, located near the US embassy.

Election Day Violence
An Afghan boy who was wounded after a rocket attack in Kunar province is being treated at a hospital in Jalalabad September 18, 2010. A string of attacks hit Afghanistan's parliamentary election on Saturday, killing at least 10 people as the Taliban tried to disrupt a poll that is testing the credibility of the government and security forces. (Photo: Reuters)

KABUL: About 15 people were killed and nearly 40 wounded in various violence-related incidents in different provinces of the country on Saturday, officials said.

Eight people were wounded in separate attacks and a clash between supporters of two candidates in eastern Nangarhar province Saturday morning.

The deputy director of public health, Dr. Baz Muhammad, told Pajhwok Afghan News four wounded civilians had been brought to the civil hospital from Kot district, three from Chaparhar and a fourth from Jalalabad.

A bomb blast took place at a polling station in the Muhammadi Sahibzada High School in Behsud district. However, the blast caused no casualties, police spokesman Col. Abdul Ghafoor said.

One voter was killed and a woman injured in a Taliban attack on a polling station in Asmar district in neighbouring Kunar province. Provincial police chief, Brig. Gen. Khalilullah Ziayee, confirmed the attack. A rocket was fired into provincial capital, Asadabad, killing a child and injuring a man.

A blast was heard elsewhere and a rocket fired into Kabul, hitting the National Radio Television, located near the US embassy. One police officer was slightly wounded in the blast that took place near Pul-i-Hassan Gusala area of the city at approximately 6:00am, said the crime branch chief, Brig. Gen. Muhammad Zahir.

In the southeastern province of Khost, three parliamentary candidates' observers were wounded in a bomb blast, the police chief, said.

In three separate militant attacks in Ghazni City, one policeman was wounded, said the governor's spokesman, Ismail Jahangir. The rebels also targeted a polling station in Logar province.

Kandahar Governor Toryalai Wesa escaped unhurt in a bomb assault. The governor was on his way to a polling station in Dand district. Two women were wounded in a rocket strike in Zherai district.

A clash erupted between French soldiers and Taliban fighters in Tagab district of central Kapisa province. Tagab district chief, Abdul Hakim Akhunzada, said three children were wounded as a rocket, fired from the base of French soldiers, landed near the house of the deputy police chief.

In northern Balkh province, three civilians were killed and four children injured in a bomb explosion, an official said. The blast took place in Sharsharak area at about 7:00am, said the district chief, Timor Shah Faiz.

Two policemen and an Afghan solider were killed in two separate bomb blasts in Shamulzai and Seori districts of southern Zabul province.

Sixteen people, including a tribal militia chief, were wounded as a result of three rockets fired I northern Kunduz province, 16, Governor Eng. Muhammad Omar said.

Meanwhile, Aliabad district chief, Habibullah Mohtashim, said that three civilians were wounded in an insurgent rocket attack.

One Afghan soldier and six tribal militiamen were killed in a clash with guerrillas in Baghlan-i-Markazi district, said the provincial police chief, Abdul Rahman Rahimi.

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