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Veterans Today Network, April 19, 2010



By Gordon Duff

As usual, America is in a war for all the wrong reasons, pushed by Israel, bought off by drug money and backed into a corner. At a time when a “new broom” and strong leadership is needed, we respond with “damage control.” Even with the press descending into simple “drum beating” for an Israeli attack in Iran to get at the gas supplies needed for her secret pipeline deals, her “shill” in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal is simply no longer credible.

It all fell apart with the phony Marjah operation, a “joint operation” against a town of 80,000 Taliban fighters that turned out to be a couple of small villages in the middle of poppy fields that McChrystal decided needed protection. Surprise, Surprise.

While Karzai, our disastrous ally, hated by his own people, tried to bully the United States into letting him consolidate control, not over Afghanistan but control over “certain enterprises,” that he has been operating with his partners, India and Israel, McChrystal has been buckling under, “kissing up” to Karzai’s brother, believed by every informed source to be the largest narcotics trafficker in the world.

Afghanistan has attracted vermin from around the world. We have half a dozen intelligence agencies training terrorists in Afghanistan, all financing the efforts by taking part in the narcotics trade. Attacks on both Iran and Pakistan are being staged in Afghanistan with full complicity on the part of MI-6, the Indian RAW, the Mossad, the CIA and dozens of contractor groups. All have become so enmeshed in narco-trafficking that nobody can be trusted. Billions of dollars are floating around in an area with no law, no accountability, just mayhem, chaos and brutality. We have created a nightmare.
Every gangster in the world that can get there, is there, working for the UN, passing out bibles or Koran’s or pretending to advise someone on something. Most advice is where to put laundered drug money, the second largest industry in Afghanistan.
Veterans Today Network, Apr. 19, 2010

Now, McChrystal is placing the blame on Iran for financing and arming the Taliban and, at the same time, pointing out that nearly 100,000 “contractors” in Afghanistan, 94% of them armed are “too many.” He could, if he thought about it a second, also point out that most of them are Taliban. In fact, he could also point out that he is paying up to $3000 per truck that comes into Afghanistan, thousands of trucks per month, to the Taliban as ransom.

He could also point out that the years and years he has been training and arming the Afghan army, their utterly ineffective Army, and the Afghan police force, their utterly ineffective police force, the ammunition and weapons they get have been flowing to the Taliban also.

Were he more honest, he could point out that the reason he is trying to negotiate with the Taliban is that, if fact, they really aren’t the Taliban at all. You have a country full of drug lords, the allies that America used in their initial attack against, well, we aren’t so sure anymore. See, we never found Al Qaeda training camps, we never found Osama bin Laden, in fact, we have absolutely no reliable information that bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11.

We do know that thousands of Indian “security personnel” are organizing, arming and financing terrorist operations against Pakistan and that, of the hundreds of European contractors and UN officials in Afghanistan, hundreds are Israeli agents, some of them training terrorists themselves, who have crossed into Iran and have murdered hundreds. All of this is going on under McChrystal’s nose, while Pakistan suffers daily terrorist attacks from groups trained and financed in Afghanistan but stays quiet about it because their very survival depends on US aid. You can’t tell the US the truth.

Lying has become second nature to us.


Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, knows where our weaknesses are, he knows where the bodies are buried. If you are watching the press, you are seeing “holocaust denialists” being jailed, fined and attacked daily. The emails coming out of Israeli financed sources, many originating from former “Pentagon pundits,” the former officers who lied continually to help justify the disastrous invasion of Iraq, are all warning about attacks on Israel and a new “holocaust,” with Iran building gas chambers, and making soap, lampshades, the whole Hollywood thing that Israel uses to guilt out the Europeans when they need a few billion, when they have blown up a school and haven’t hunted down all the journalists who could report on it yet or, well, there are so many games now.

Ahmadinejad invited the world’s scholars to Iran a bit ago, to study the holocaust. He knew Israel was going to yell “Auschwitz” when they came after Iran’s oil and gas with their massive military forces supplemented by the United States. Now there is a massive move by Israel to build up a frenzy about the holocaust. Since it is against the law to say any more, I have to move on.

Last week, Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations requesting a couple of things:

■ A new and comprehensive 9/11 investigation

■ An international commission to address terrorist attacks on Iran that are staged from bases in Afghanistan and Baluchistan

■ A plan to address that massive flood of narcotics coming out of Afghanistan

Why has Ahmandinejad chosen 9/11? Since most of the members of the 9/11 Commission have either rescinded their approval of the report they were forced to submit though incomplete, asked for criminal investigation or stated outright that the report is a cover-up and 5 years of new evidence, “leaks” and “cooler heads” has brought informed people around the world to accept the idea that 9/11 may have been conceived in an office and not a cave. The mainstream news in the United States is no longer able to keep it all quiet, what is likely to be the worst crime of the last hundred years.


Recent reports have shown that only some of the money, billions of dollars, coming from the Afghan drug trade has bought the following governments:

■ Turkmenistan
■ Uzbekistan
■ Tajikistan
■ Kyrgyzstan

What we aren’t saying is that billions in narcotics trafficking money has seriously influenced policy in these other countries:

■ United States
■ Afghanistan
■ Germany
■ Israel
■ Belgium
■ Pakistan
■ Switzerland
■ Spain
■ Poland
■ Kazakhstan
■ India
■ Canada
■ Russia
■ Italy
■ France

Americans remember the flood of narcotics that filled America’s cities during the 1980s. Dozens of movies have been made describing CIA involvement in drug trafficking, it has become a major part of our pop-culture. Every muscle-bound super hero has fought the CIA and their drug importing from Southeast Asia, Columbia or Afghanistan. Now that we have reliable reports and testimony that this is actively going on with full complicity from, not only foreign governments, but multiple US administrations, not just Reagan but continuing on today, we have no excuse for looking away. When FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, broke the story, finally able to testify when her “national security” gag orders were overturned, no network nor major paper would report it. It is still on the record, though.

General Stanley McChrystal knows. He has seen her testimony. He has been told it is reliable. He knows that tons of heroin are flown out of Afghanistan and distributed around the world and he knows that nearly everyone around him is either involved or afraid to speak up. Is he only a puppet himself? This is how things are beginning to look. Compared to the real power of the “narco-billions,” one American general is nothing.


I have spent dozens of hours meeting with and talking to people who know about Afghanistan, from members of their royal families, to tribal leaders to activists. We all agree on a few things:

■ Unless all opium production is immediately eradicated in Afghanistan, any attempt to build an economy or organize the country will fail, overwhelmed by the “gun culture” built to support a massive narcotics operation that is growing by 20% or more a year.

■ A massive program of economic realignment supported by powerful military operations will be necessary when the opium crops are destroyed or the country will erupt into full scale civil war. Estimates are that it will take two years for America to accomplish what the Taliban did, eliminating opium production, the biggest threat Afghanistan poses to the world, a thousand times bigger than any imaginary terrorist training areas.

■ Karzai is weak, too tied to corruption to be credible, too close to India to be trusted by Pakistan and too unstable to manage even the few miles around Kabul he has “ruled” for all these years. He must go, replaced by a strong ruler with blood ties to a tribal groups across the nation. There are several potential candidates far more qualified than Karzai, who has been abandoned by the Jirga’s and is likely to get another “no confidence” vote in May

■ The Afghan army needs to be disbanded, as it is a mercenary army that doesn’t represent the country. Afghanistan has always had universal compulsory military service and has strong military traditions based on that.

■ The current concept of a national police force has failed. Until a force based on regional ethnic lines that received broad support from regional/tribal leaders, where such systems are still operating, the current “abomination” must go. It has become little more than a Mafia.

■ A substantial region along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border is under the control, not of terrorists but criminal elements, even worse than those ruling the country.

It is entirely possible that, with a real president in Afghanistan, perhaps not in Kabul but Kandahar, and a rational policy to end narcotics production, replacing it with a program that will provide education, medical care and needed local services such as cold storage for food along with solar/wind based power systems, Afghanistan can reach a sustainable level of “disorder” in 24 months, not 10 years. With opium production left as it is, in accordance with McChrystal’s wishes, the chaos will continue indefinitely. Is this the plan? Was it the plan all along?


Afghanistan has attracted vermin from around the world. We have half a dozen intelligence agencies training terrorists in Afghanistan, all financing the efforts by taking part in the narcotics trade. Attacks on both Iran and Pakistan are being staged in Afghanistan with full complicity on the part of MI-6, the Indian RAW, the Mossad, the CIA and dozens of contractor groups. All have become so enmeshed in narco-trafficking that nobody can be trusted. Billions of dollars are floating around in an area with no law, no accountability, just mayhem, chaos and brutality. We have created a nightmare.

Every gangster in the world that can get there, is there, working for the UN, passing out bibles or Koran’s or pretending to advise someone on something. Most advice is where to put laundered drug money, the second largest industry in Afghanistan.


If you can judge a policy by its results Afghanistan was invaded to rebuild its drug infrastructure and overthrow the government of Pakistan.

9/11 provided cover, that and the fiction of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, fantasies about terrorists that never existed. It was all made up. When the Bush administration needed to arrest terrorists, they went to the drug lords and had them kidnap people off the streets. This is how we got Dr. Aafia and her children, one of whom may have been released by her kidnappers, American or Pakistani gangsters, we aren’t sure. She had been missing for 7 years and suddenly, dropped off on the street. We still aren’t sure if this is one of Aafia’s missing children.

The White House ordered these kidnappings and covered up their phony “Al Quada” arrests by hiding innocent people in secret prisons, torturing them for years and, eventually releasing 95% of them.

This was our real war on terror, a farce, at least to those who weren’t kidnapped and tortured. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Our entire military and intelligence networks were tasked with one thing, to invent a cover story to justify two invasions, invent terrorist groups, capture “suspects” and play along. When the real CIA and military couldn’t do it, we hired foreign gangsters and mercenaries, all for one thing, “cover.”

With the controlled press at home, the phony 9/11 cover-up going full steam and troops in combat, well, you know how it ended up. The criminal gangs responsible are still trying to cover their trail. The GOP is trying to stop financial reforms meant to end the looting or our economy, the “tea baggers” are trying to blame “liberals” for the acts of the Bush criminal dictatorship and AIPAC is working overtime, trying to start a new war while the last two they pushed America into are still going on. Who is AIPAC? Are they American or Israeli?


I got an email yesterday telling me about how Israel barely survived when all the Arab countries went after them in 1967. This is the story we are still telling but it is a total lie. The 1967 war was planned by Israel to seize land and was a sneak attack, first destroying the entire Egyptian air force on the ground, then wiping out their army, an army with no air cover. Syria was a walkover then. To get away with it, Israel attacked the American spy ship, USS Liberty, bombing, strafing and torpedoing it, murdering 34 Americans.

Anyone who tries to tell you the 1967 war was anything but a “blitzkrieg” by Israel, a sneak attack on her neighbors with no warning, kept secret by the the planned attack on the USS Liberty is a liar.

Israel had tried the same thing, attacking Egypt in1956, with the help of France and Britain. Israel send tanks across the Sinai, just like in 1967, this time backed by air power from France and Britain. This “blitzkrieg” was called Operation Kadesh. Moshe Dyan and Ariel Sharon planned the attack with friends in Paris and London. However, the United States, under President Eisenhower, wouldn’t allow it. The UN Security council drafted a resolution condemning the invasion but Britain and France vetoed it.

Then America threatened to economically destroy France and Britain if they didn’t withdraw troops and end support for Israeli aggression. Eventually this led France to leave NATO, if that is something you wondered about. We call this, “the Suez crisis” but, frankly, we don’t call it anything at all because it makes a good case for Israel’s history of aggression and its capability to get western governments to support its policies of conquering the Middle East.

How has this history worked out? Any patterns appear here? The myth of the 1967 war no longer holds water once we learn it wasn’t their first try, once we accept they learned from being caught during the Suez Crisis, and decided to attack the American ship that would have discovered their lie. Israel invaded Egypt with a sneak attack, 1956 and 1967.


Is there a vast plot out there, one capable of pushing the United States into war, bankrupting the world’s financial system or taking over oil and gas supplies? Do nations like Israel, India, Pakistan, Britain and the United States train terrorists? Was the invasion of Afghanistan really the result of 9/11? History says otherwise.

Was the invasion of Iraq the result of 9/11 or “weapons of mass destruction?” History says otherwise.

Did Bush “make America safe?” Maybe, what’s left of it anyway, depending on what you call safe. Safe from what? I am not entirely sure we are safe from him, even though he is gone. We still have his wars, his drugs, his Supreme Court justices, his trillions in debt and the Bush economic collapse. We still have the controlled press, a divided nation and the reputation around the world as a brutal pawn of Israel and a total economic failure. You don’ t think this is how we look, not just in Africa, Asia and the Middle East but Europe as well?

General Stanley McChrystal is simply, like Karzai is now, like Bush was then, the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. When we needed leaders, people of vision, we got small men, with small hearts and small brains. They told themselves they were wolves but were driven like sheep. As is often said now, was there never any plan or are things as they are because the plan was chaos and death?

Who won the war? That’s easy. Israel won and will win again. Not the people of Israel but the criminal conspiracy that has taken over that country like Bush and Cheney took over America. This is a rabid gang, backed by the news media, playing decent Jews around the world for fools. Who is going to lose? The people, Israeli, American most of all, but all people will lose. All of this planning, the lying, the total lack of honor and decency won’t buy anything but big homes, fast cars, expensive wine and the ability to live the sexual sickness that so many of our power seekers are driven by.

Today Stanley McChrystal has shown us that he believes his failures, failures of conscience, failures of intellect, failures of duty can be blamed on Iran. As the darling of the press, he may be able to help Israel push America into another war, one we can’t even begin to think about winning. It never was about winning, it was about chaos, it was always about money.

Is it that simple?

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