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Quqnoos, May 19, 2009

Foreign Troops Kill Afghan Farmer in Farah, People Protest

Dozens of the villagers took the body of the farmer to the provincial capital to complain to the provincial governor.

Reza Shir Mohammadi

Body of Abdul Manan, former killed in Farah
Body of Abdul Manan, the former killed by foreign troops in Kundoz village of Pushtrod district of Farah. People say the soldiers who fired were Italians. His whole body was badly burned. (Photo: RAWA)

Foreign troops gunned down a local farmer Monday in Pushtrod District of the western Farah province, an official said

The US convoy opened fire on the farmer when he war irrigating his farms early Monday morning in the district, north of the provincial capital city.

Bilqees Roshan, a provincial council member said the body of the farmers is flamed. Local residents revealed the troops have thrown a hand grenade on the body of the civilian after shooting him.

Later, dozens of the villagers took the body of the farmer to the provincial capital to complain to the provincial governor.

The angry locals threw stones to the office of the governor after the top provincial official avoided to listen to the accusations of the villagers, the provincial council member said.

The police force disrupted the protest with warning fire.

The US troops have not made any comments over the killing of the non-combatant, but they have mistakenly gunned down many civilians pretending them Taliban elements.

Mayor Attacked

Meanwhile, unknown gunmen attacked a mayor on Sunday in another district of Farah and leave him with serious wounds.

Mayor of Dilaram District came under the gunfire of the armed men when he was returning to his home, Farah Police Chief, Colonel Abdul Ghafar Watandar said.

The police official blamed the Taliban militants to have carried out the attack, but the Taliban have not yet claimed responsibility of dismissed the charges.

The mayor is taken to a US-led military hospital in the province.

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