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PAN, February 7, 2009

US forces kill school principal in Khost

About two months ago, the foreign soldiers had killed a number of family members of a doctor

Sabor Mangal

US forces in southeastern Khost province killed a principal of a middle school and injured his wife and a child, an official said Saturday.

Qabol Khan was killed by US troops
Qabol Khan was killed by US troops while traveling with his wife and a child.

A spokesman for the provincial education department, Musa Majroh told Pajhwok Afghan News that the incident took place in Khabidi area of Khost city yesterday evening.

He said that the school principal Qabol Khan was traveling along with his wife and a child when came under fire by the US forces. Qabol, his wife and the child sustained bullet injuries, he added.

The spokesman said that the troops shifted all the injured to Bagram Air Base for treatment, but Qabol died of his wounds.

The Nato press office in Khost and the US-led coalition forces in Kabul in their separate statements issued to this agency claimed that the forces opened fire at the car in self-defense after it failed to stop despite giving signal and warning shots.

The statements said that a military vehicle of the foreign forces was destroyed in Khost city on Friday in which a soldier was injured and when supporting forces were on their way to the area, a car was seen coming towards them.

Last year campaign group Human Rights Watch said civilian deaths in Afghanistan from U.S. and NATO airstrikes nearly tripled to at least 1,633 between 2006 and 2007.
CNN, Feb. 4, 2009

According to the statements, the forces signaled the said car not to come closer and fired warning shots, but it did not respond. "Resultantly, the forces fired at the car in self-defense, injuring three persons," the statements said.

"The forces shifted the injured to their facility, but one of them succumbed to his injuries," they said.

About two months ago, the foreign soldiers had killed a number of family members of a doctor in the Khost city during an operation.

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