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Quqnoos, November 9, 2008

Lack of jobs ‘pushes Afghans into Talib hands’

Jobless refugees turfed out of Iran turn to lives of crime, officials say

RAWA photo: Kabul in gap of poverty and destitution
"Afghanistan has received 12 billion $ in aid but there aren't any signs of serious reconstruction. Our people have not benefited from the billions of reconstruction dollars due to theft by the warlords or misuse by NGOs. Even a fraction of this aid has not been used for the benefit and welfare of our people. Government corruption and fraud directs billions of dollars into the pockets of high-ranking officials. It is such a big shame that the government still cannot provide electricity, food and water for its people."

Zoya's Speech, Oct.7, 2006

RISING unemployment has forced many people living in the south-western province of Nimroz to turn to crime, militancy or drugs for money, officials say.

The mass influx of Afghan refugees booted out of Iran in the past month has also put a strain on infrastructure in the province, authorities in Nimroz say.

About 30,000 illegal Afghan immigrants have been ordered out of Iran since the start of October for not having work permits.

The returnees say they are willing to work in Nirmoz for $2 a day, but they complain that there are no jobs available for them.

The governor of Nimroz, Ghulam Dastagir Azad, said the Iranian government was deporting about 1,000 Afghans every day.

He said most of them do not have the money to go back to their own provinces and so they stay in Nimroz, turning to the Taliban or drug smugglers for cash.

Rising insecurity in the province has also forced investors to leave the region, the governor says.

The last stretch of road linking the provincial capital Zaranj with Iran’s southern seaport of Chabahar was completed earlier this year amid hopes that the new transport link would boost trade between the two countries and investment in the region.

Iran’s authorities have also said they have started to deport Afghans who have work permits but no passports.

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