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PAN, October 31, 2008

80% Afghans have mental problems. Dr. Mufti.

Child stress has increased by 30%, compared to the past

A Narraiwaal

Over 90% of Afghan women suffer from depression
Over 90% of Afghan women suffer from depression.

KABUL: More than 80% Afghans are faced by mental health problems due to long war and economic depravity, where as child stress has increased by 30%, compared to the past, said Dr. Khalid Mufti, a well known Psychiatrist here on Friday.

Mufti is in Kabul on invitation of Health net international NGO to a two-day seminar, starting on Sunday.

The 74 year old Mufti who treated more than 500,000 Afghan patients said that he and the Horizen the NGO led by him are ready to provide free of cost services and trainings to the people of Afghanistan in the fields of drug prevention, rehabilitation of counseling.

Horizon Established in 1986 has provided services to Afghans particularly in Kabul and Jalalabad.

Mufti said 200 hundred doctors and social workers that his organization has provided training are currently busy serving in Afghanistan.

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