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Quqnoos, October 7, 2008

Ex-militia chiefs 'snatch up Kabul's green land'

Kabulis complain that rich and powerful seize capital's green spaces illegally

Shakeela Ibrimkhil

Homes of poor people were destroyed in Sherpur to built mansions
BBC, Sep. 12, 2003: Miloon Kothari, appointed by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to investigate abuses in Afghanistan, announced that various government ministers including Fahim and Education Minister Yunis Qanuni were illegally occupying land and should be removed from their posts.
Sherpur Scandal | Buildings of Afghan Ministers and Warlords

RESIDENTS in Kabul have accused former militia commanders of snatching up the capital’s green spaces illegally and building large houses on them.

The city council has confirmed that ex-jihadi commanders forcefully seized green land in the city and it promised to prevent future illegal land-grabs.

Kabulis criticise the council and the government for failing to act earlier and they say that everyday new houses are built on green land, preventing residents form using the space for recreational purposes.

The council says that only 2% of government land put aside for recreational purposes remains out of a total of 6,740km² originally preserved as green space.

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