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Quqnoos, August 16, 2008

Rapists 'bribed police to escape jail term'

Five men were freed early after killing seven-year-old girl, victim's family says

by Abdulwali Arian

THE men jailed for raping and killing a seven-year-old girl in the northern province of Takhar were let out of prison early because of police corruption, the murder victim's family have said.

The girl’s family said the five armed men accused of kidnapping and then killing the seven-year-old bribed police officials to let them out after they spent only two months in jail.

"Some of them (criminals) are taken to the jails, but because they belong to the commanders, they pay money and are set free," said Parween Hakim of RAWA
MSNBC, Aug. 11, 2008

The girl’s father said five armed men, including the son of Haji Arab Tora, the head of the Sara-e-Sang area of Takhar province, kidnapped his daughter three months ago before raping and then killing her.

He said the province’s officials released the men in exchange for cash.

The girl’s family urged the government to take their daughter’s killers to the court and give them the most severe punishment.

The girl’s mother said: "My daughter disappeared three months ago on Friday and then we were informed that our daughter was kidnapped, and then she was killed."

Member of Parliament for Kunduz, Fatima Aziz, said: "The main reason for the increase of sexual assault cases in the country is that such criminals are never trialed. They must be trialed and given the death sentence, or life in prison."

The Ministry of Interior Affairs more than 120 sexual abuse cases have been filed in the last year.

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