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PAN, March 27, 2008

Unemployment, drought force youth out of Samangan Province

"People will face famine and consequently human catastrophe unless government provides job opportunities to people." He warned.

Muhammad Barat

IBAK: In search of employment hundreds of youths leave northern Samangan province to the neighboring regions to help gain money and make ends meet.

There were no employment opportunities and any projects to attract workers, the youths complain, on the other hand current drought caused the locals in this Northern Province to sell their animals on through away prices and go where they can help their families living.

"A vast amount of aid is absorbed by high salaries, living, security, transport and accommodation costs for expatriates working for consulting firms or contractors," the report said.
The cost of a full-time expatriate consultant working in Afghanistan is around $250,000, according to the group. This is some 200 times the average annual salary of an Afghan civil servant.
The Associated Press, Mar.25, 2008

Nazar Muhammad, one of the fifty resident of Dar-e-Sof district of the province who made it to provincial capital Ibak and were destined to capital Kabul, told Pajhwok Afghan News:" I am father of six, we had nothing to eat, my farmland went dry due to lack of rain, " I am going to Kabul now, Allah knows if I can find a labor to gain money."

Saifurrahman Samit district chief of Dar-e-Sof confirmed about 300 youths left for Kabul, Kandahar and Helmand provinces for work on daily basis, the youths leave one elder back at the village and go for search of labor."

Unemployment had also increased the number of youths to join Afghan National Army, he added, only around ten had joined ANA in the past but due to lack of labor around over 300 had currently turned to ANA recruitment centers.

Alhaj Saraj-ud-din head of the provincial council expressed concerns saying over 2000 youths left for other provinces and even to Pakistan and Iran during last 20 days for work.

"People will face famine and consequently human catastrophe unless government provides job opportunities to people." He warned.

90 percent rain fed and 30 percent irrigated farmland had suffered lack of water and irrigation, Noor Muhammad deputy provincial agriculture department director said.

There were 63000 hectors rain fed and 14000 hectors irrigated farmlands were in this province, he added.

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