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Pajhwok Afghan News, September 4, 2007

Senior police officer blamed foreign security firms for kidnaps, robberies

He said the companies possessed 11,000 different arms and had 700 offices and branches in the central capital.

Makia Monir

KABUL: A senior police officer Tuesday alleged foreign security firms were involved in kidnappings, robberies and dacoities in Kabul.

In his testimony before a parliamentary commission, crime investigations chief Gen. Alishah Paktiawal said both foreign and local employees of the security agencies were involved in such crimes.

"Foreign security agencies are directly involved in all kidnappings and robberies and we have documentary evidence of that," claimed the police officer.

That General Dostum is head of the Afghan armed forces and Deputy Minister of Defence is in itself a symbol of the bankruptcy of our policy. Dostum is known for tying opponents to tank tracks and running them over. He crammed prisoners into metal containers in the searing sun, causing scores to die of heat and thirst.
The Mail, July 21, 2007

Paktiawal suggested legislation to check working of the private security companies in the country. Of the 81 security agencies operative here, 54 were temporarily registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

Although the provisional registration of those companies had already been expired, they were still working without any check on them, he informed.

He said the companies possessed 11,000 different arms and had 700 offices and branches in the central capital. "Most of the companies don't allow us to monitor their working," he protested.

Two other senior officials, Monir Mangal, Deputy Interior Minister, and Nazar Shah, head of the intelligence department in Kabul, were also summoned by the commission.

Monir Mangal told the parliamentary commission that rules had already been drafted for the security companies which would be presented to the cabinet for approval.

He said a total of 78 kidnapping incidents were registered during the current year. He said 142 men, seven women and nine children had been arrested on charges of involvement in kidnappings. He said 25 alleged kidnappers were still at large.

‌Zalmay Mujaddidi, head of the parliamentary commission observed that the kidnappers were among the security personnel. Other members of the commission alleged district and police chiefs were responsible for the deteriorating security situation in the country.

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