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Reuters, April 21, 2007

Taliban used a 12-year-old Afghan boy to kill suspected spy

Taliban movement has used a 12-year-old boy to execute a man accused of helping US forces

Afghanistan's Taliban movement has used a 12-year-old boy to execute a man accused of helping U.S. forces hunt down and kill one of its top commanders in December, Al Arabiya television reported on Saturday.

The Dubai-based channel showed the boy wielding a large knife as masked men restrained a blindfolded man identified as Gholam Nabi, who the Taliban say had helped U.S. forces kill an associate of Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

A Taliban gunman shot Zarmeena three times.
Taliban have started a new reign of terror which reminds our people of their medieval rule from 1996 to 2001.

U.S. forces in December said they had killed the Taliban commander, Akhtar Mohammad Osmani, in an air strike on his car in southern Afghanistan. A U.S. military spokesman said that Osmani was the most senior Taliban commander to be killed in Afghanistan.

The Taliban said at the time that Osmani, anointed by Mullah Omar as his heir in 2001, was alive. But it later confirmed his death.

Al Arabiya did not show the execution of Nabi. It said the tape, which was posted on the Internet, was unprecedented since the boy who carried out the apparent beheading was no more than 12 years of age.

It quoted Nabi's father as confirming that the pictures of the man before he was blindfolded were of his son. The father said that the Taliban had informed him by telephone that Nabi had spied on them for the Americans.

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