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Pajhwok Afghan News, March 3, 2007

Protesters complain ill-treatment by police in Helmand

The demonstrators complained police forcibly took money and tortured them on usual basis.

Bashir Ahmad Nadim

LASHKARGAH: Hundreds of the protesters, mainly mechanics, flooded to the streets in Lashkargah capital of southern province of Helmand to complain ill-treatment and torture by local policemen.

The demonstrators complained police forcibly took money and tortured them on usual basis.

Jan Agha one of the local mechanics in Lashkargah city told Pajhwok Afghan News they staged the demonstration because they were fed up from corrupted police and their ill-treatment.

"If paid police leave a person even he is arrested red-handed with explosives in his vehicle." He claimed:" police dont pay us for repairing their vehicle."

Another mechanic and protester, who wished to remain unnamed, told this news agency that policemen beat up a mechanic for asking for remuneration after fixing police vehicle.

The victim was shifted to Quetta of neighboring Pakistan for medical treatment because of the strokes by police, he added.

Representing other protesters he urged the government to focus on the issue.

Haji Abdul Sattar representative of the Mechanics union told this news agency that they had discussed the issue with provincial governor's secretary Haji Pir Muhammad and he promised solve their problems.

They will change the policemen who have taken bribes from mechanics, he promised.

There were 1600 mechanics in Lashkargah.

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