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RAWA Statement, October 8, 2020

Uncompromising struggle against the US and its lackeys, the only way to liberation and lasting peace in Afghanistan

RAWA statement on 19th anniversary of US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan

Today, more than ever, it proves the veracity of this RAWA’s claim that the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to do with “war on terror” and destroying the terrorist sanctuaries, the U.S in contrast used the Taliban as a pretext for occupying our war-ravaged homeland. And after two decades of killing the innocent people, which eventually pushed Afghanistan further into the terrorism and mafia’s trap, the U.S. has come down to broker the peace talk between savage Taliban and their “religious brothers”, paving the way for them to return to power. It is of no importance for the U.S. if the terrorists continue to shed the blood of innocent civilians, what matters for the U.S is to make a deal with the religio-fascists that could help Trump in his re-election campaign, and also give the U.S government a competitive edge over its economic and military rivals while keeping our country in its occupation with a least cost. For this reason, the U.S had no hesitation to help the release of 5,000 Taliban’s murderous prisoners, and is willing to go for any reconciliation as long as the outcoming result ends up with a dependent state that serves its interest in the region.

We are of staunch belief that a peaceful society based on democracy and social justice would never prevail in a country under the U.S occupation, and where the government is propped up by the reactionary states such as Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The brutal Taliban and the Jehadi criminals, being the step-brothers nurtured by the U.S., share a common ideology that would easily come down to a deal by an order from their abettor. The ridiculous negotiation in Doha, which is being directed by their American and Arab patrons, wouldn’t evolve to a peace deal; rather, it opens a new era of misery, particularly for the oppressed women. These wild beasts would make the life much darker and more catastrophic for our people if they raid jointly.With the deployment of over 775,000 forces and spending nearly 1 trillion dollars in the course of 19 years, the U.S. couldn’t achieve, even for a show, a part of their deceptive propaganda. Neither war ended nor the terrorists’ sanctuaries and opium fields have been eradicated; There is no sign to see starving people earning a decent living, nor has there been any progress in ill-fated women getting their very basic rights. On the contrary, hundreds of thousands innocent civilians were killed by the U.S.-led NATO airstrikes and Taliban-ISIS suicide bombings; our ill-starred and devastated Afghanistan was pounded into oblivion by the most sophisticated weaponry and “mother of all bombs”; and the flame of religious and ethnic conflicts was fanned far wider by the U.S. hirelings.

RAWA, while condemning the U.S. aggression of Afghanistan, had predicted in a statement dated 8 March 2002: “One fundamentalist band cannot be fought by siding with and supporting another. In its war on the Taliban and the al-Qaeda, the US has taken the "Northern Alliance" into service through wooing and arming certain infamous warlords. By so doing, the US is in fact abetting the worst enemies of our people and is continuing the same tyrannical policy against the people and the destiny of Afghanistan which successive US administrations adopted during the past two decades. The Taliban and the al-Qaeda cannot be eradicated through military and financial might alone. War on the Taliban and the al-Qaeda is not only a war on the military and financial fronts, it is a war on the ideological front too. Until such time as mindsets and thoughts characteristic of the Taliban and Osama & Co. remain, it is inevitable that we shall witness their trademark barbarism erupt yet once again, be it in Afghanistan or in any other part of the world.”Following 9/11, the U.S. brought back treacherous Parchamis, Khalqis and Jihadis out of their hideouts and while the wounds of innocent Afghans were still bleeding from the paws of these bloody predators, installed its ex-protégés in power and adorned them to have democrats’ appearance. Thus, the U.S. laid down a corrupted foundation based on tyranny that is unprecedent in history. It was predictable from the very early moment that Afghan women would go through a hell condition when it appeared the U.S. was going to rely on the most hatred and evil misogynists like Sayyaf, Qanooni, Khalili, Abdullah, Mohaqiq, Atta, Ismail, Khoram, Almas, Rabanni, Anwari, Dostum etc… Though western media bring few female clowns and show-ladies of the puppet regime of Kabul into the limelight in order to portray a rosy picture of Afghan women, but the ruthless murder of Furkhunda, beheading of Tabasoom, stoning-to-death of Rukhshana signify the depth and intensity of the misery Afghan women undergo in the U.S.-occupied Afghanistan. Amidst all the sufferings, there are few notorious token women in the inner circle of government such as Fawzia Koofi, Habiba Sorabi, Sharifa Zarmati, Sima Samar, Zahra Nadiri, Safia Sadiqqi, Nargis Nehan, Shinkai Karokheel, Fawzia Saddat, Fatima Gailani, Hassina Safi, Zohra Yousif, Wajma Forough and a bunch of Rula Ghani’s fostered-girls like Adela Raz, Shahzad Akbar, Ghezal Haris, Munira Yousifzada, Roeina Shohabi and etc… who are mealy-mouthed for the money and resources they enjoy to earn from the parliament, ministerial positions and foreign trips, and by colluding and hobnobbing with the depraved criminals are actually stabbing women from behind. These will never be the representative of encaged Afghan women.

The U.S. in decline is doomed to failure and must leave Afghanistan one day but will leave behind a legacy of a corrupted institution and a colonial culture, where Afghan people would then to endure it for years to come. With the U.S. money, the Jehadi losers became wealthy emperors, and a couple of foreign-based bankrupt individuals flew to Afghanistan like vultures, robbing as much as they could and deposited in the U.S. and Europe. It didn’t require to put too much effort and planning into looting this loose money. Qanooni and Khurram made a big fortune from looting pen and notebooks of students, Sultanzoi made it from the bread of Kabul’s municipality and so did Roya Rahmani from the repairment of the Embassy’s wall. The lavish spending of the government institutions has been so humiliating that made John F. Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) to speak out: “We spent millions of dollars to fix a minister's office to turn it into a palace.” In addition, the U.S. raised a flock of arrogant intellectuals like Amrullah Saleh, Nadir Nadiri, Wahid Omar, Sami Hamid, Dadfar Spanta, Sadiq Sadiqqi, Jaweed Lodin and many others, who are vociferous preachers of U.S. ideolog that promote a retarded colonial culture through tens of TV and radio channels, leaving such a perilous impact on our benighted and war-exhausted people that most youth lost the sense of patriotism. Karzai and Ghani established a pauperized and mafia-driven economy with depleted infrastructure, which is so dependent on aids that will force people like panhandlers to carry along begging bowls for generations. All our material assets and cultural heritage are in possession of a handful West-funded bourgeois compradors, who oppress 99% of people in a very brutal way. The revolutionary forces have a long journey to go to eradicate the remnants of U.S. occupationUndoubtedly, our country goes through the darkest period in history, which demands to mobilize the mass to a fearless struggle for liberation. We shouldn’t be hopeful for the result of the mockery peace talks in Doha. Struggle and only struggle till the end against the U.S. and its lackeys ensures the path to liberation and prosperity. It is a daunting duty upon all intellectuals, and all democratic, progressive, anti-fundamentalists forces to forge a widespread movement alongside people, fighting the rule of crazed religious Jehadi, Taliban and ISIS fundamentalists.

Long live the struggle of our people for independence, democracy and secularism!
Down with the U.S. imperialism and all treacherous, religious and non-religious fundamentalists!

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

October 7, 2020

Afghan women under US/NATO occupation  border=
Afghan women under the occupation of US/NATO

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