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Dilbar Nazari, no conscience, stupid, or reactionary?

Doesn’t this Talib agent know that one cannot expect the brothers of ISIS and Jehadis… to “crush violence against women”?

Dilbar Nazari
Dilbar Nazari

We have repeatedly said that the misfortune of our nation cannot be summed up in the US occupation and the domination of Jehadi, non-Jehadi and Taliban agents. There are yet more inferior servants in the puppet Jehadi-mafia regime of Ghani and Abdullah who make the suffering of our nation worse. One such person is Dilbar Nazari, the Women’s Affairs Minister who has always been callously indifferent towards our women’s pain and suffering. We don’t know on the basis of what mafia ties she was installed in this ministry. In a press conference on June 19, 2016, like a typical spineless agent, she stated, “I want to call upon the Taliban as well, if they truly don’t follow the harmful traditional practices and prefer the Sharia law of holy Islam, they should crush violence against women as inhumane acts and punish the perpetrators according to Sharia law, and stop following local traditions and customs that prosecute and stone women who are victims of violence.”! This woman is either shameless or stupid (this stupid though?) or she has received an order from her masters to say these (Hamid) Karzai-style words to whitewash the crimes of the “Taliban brothers” and their misogynist, inhumane and savage actions.

Zarmina killed by Taliban in stadium
Zarmina was publicly shot by the Taliban in the Kabul stadium during their reign.

Tabasum slaughtered by Taliban
Tabasum was slaughtered by the Taliban.

Rukhshana was stoned to death by Taliban
Rukhshana was stoned to death by the Taliban.

Doesn’t this Talib agent know that one cannot expect the brothers of ISIS and Jehadis, who have enslaved women and married young girls to their fellow killers just like their ISIS and Jehadi brothers-in-creed, to “crush violence against women”? The Taliban shot and killed Zarmina, slaughtered an eight-year-old Tabasum, stoned Rukhshana to death while screaming Allahu Akbar and heartily throwing stones at her. Dilbar Nazari has followed in the steps of her sister-in-creed, Fatana Gilani – who, during the roughshod riding of the Jehadi murderers, majestically advised the women of our country to spread their scarves at the feet of the very people that violated their honor and dignity, to plead an end to the war and violence – in requesting the Taliban brutes to stop practicing “local traditions and custom”.

There is no doubt about the illiteracy, foolishness, and shamelessness of Dilbar Nazari and her kinds in the Parliament, cabinet and other official positions; there is no doubt that if we had had a slightly independent and democratic government, Dilbar Nazari and her kinds would not have qualified to serve in ministries and other positions. But the truth is that all these so-called officials who have devoted themselves to the CIA in return for power and money, say such things, not out of stupidity or ignorance, but to secure their interests and that of the government and the US. These sell-out women and men are ready to stoop to any level of pettiness and rascality to serve the ruling traitorous and murderous class in return for a position in the state, and have accepted any amount of hatred and spite from our people. The suffering people, and especially the women of Afghanistan, hope for and are counting down to that blessed day of the prosecution and punishment of traitors and criminals, when people like Dilbar Nazari, General Oloomi, Shahnawaz Tanai, Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Khalili, Gulbuddin, Taliban leaders, Hamid Karzai, Ghani and Abudllah, and others, will be shackled and held accountable for their treasons.

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