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Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), 28.04.2014

The perpetrators of the disasters of 28th and 27th April are still dominant

We shall erase the shameful stains of 27th and 28th April by the annihilation of its perpetrators!

28th April more odious than 27th April

“28th April more odious than 27th April!” was the slogan the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) raised after witnessing the brutalities and barbarism of the Jehadi gangs in 1992. This slogan shows the hatred of our compatriots who said ‘take away your seven donkeys (the seven mujahideen factions), and give us back our cow (the Soviet-backed Mohammad Najibullah)’ in the first days of the ominous rule of the Jehadi hyenas. At the order of their filthy masters, the murderous fundamentalist gangs of Gulbuddin, Sayyaf, Rabbani, Massoud, Mazari, and others reduced the beautiful Kabul city to rubble and changed it to a slaughterhouse, the nightmares of which our people cannot forget even after twenty years.

These heinous creations of the CIA, ISI, and VEVAK, acted upon the will of General Akhtar Abdul Rahman who had said ‘Kabul must burn!’ The arch-criminal Sayyaf went as far as to say that Kabul should be completely destroyed because communists and prostitutes had lived there, and then an Islamic Kabul be built upon those ruins! Now that he has entered the grotesque electoral process and postures as a ‘democrat’, he said with shameless rascality that he will not take ‘one millionth of responsibility for the Kabul battles’.

The vicious factions spent most of their time and force in the dog-eat-dog fights among themselves even during the resistance against the Russians and their puppet government, and their treacherous nature is known to the majority of our people. As RAWA had predicted by the reactionary nature of these fundamentalists, in the four years of their roughshod riding over the country and especially Kabul, they inflicted such deep blows on the heart of the nation and the base of the society that the Russians and their lackeys had not been able to in 14 years.

The bloodthirsty US government brought to power the demolishers of Kabul, once again, after the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. In the past thirteen years, Sayyaf and other infamous Jehadi figures have looted even the graves of Kabul under the shadow of their guns, and money from the CIA and drugs, and earned mythical sums of money under the wing of the US. Those who spoke of Jehad against ‘atheists’ yesterday, have been serving the US and tens of other countries for the past thirteen years and are laboring to stop the exit of the occupying forces from the country. In return for Dollars and power, they have even breached their tall claims of ‘Islam’. Our people have become victims of bombardments and crimes of the US and NATO occupiers in the last few years due to the collaboration of the perpetrators of the disasters of 28th and 27th April with the US and West, and this bloodshed and brutality are still continuing.

In the past few years, the Jehadis have persistently tried to erase any evidence, be it photos, movies, reports, or the very ruins of Kabul, that show the barbarism of that period. In addition, anyone who has pointed to the crimes of that period has been silenced and condemned as an ‘enemy of national unity’. They have signed an amnesty bill in the ‘nation’s stable’ which forgave the Khalqi, Parchami, Jehadi and Taliban traitors for shedding the blood of thousands of our innocent compatriots. All this rascality is done to conceal their savagery.

Despite all these deceptions by the US lackeys and US-funded media, our people have not forgotten these crimes and demand the prosecution of all the traitorous Khalqi, Parhcami, Jehadi, and Taliban leaders, and the US invaders. In the face of the intimidating atmosphere and censorship in the current Jehadi-mafia apparatus, a number of our fellow countrymen have questioned, during discussions and debates, Sayyaf and Abdullah’s representatives about their leaders’ involvement in the bloodshed of the factional fighting years. All these representatives deceptively blame the war on foreign elements so that they can escape the blade of justice; as if these criminals were uncontrollable animals who were put on a leash and directed to do all the killings and barbarism by the governments of Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others. In one round-table conference Sayyaf’s representative rejected all the documents on the war crimes of his gang and said they were fabricated according to ‘the taste and opinion of a small organization’!

In the 80s, The US and West nurtured the Jehadi and Al-Qaeda fundamentalists into monsters, then replaced them with the medieval-minded Taliban and used them for their interests. But the biggest treason of the US government was that it invaded our country in 2001 under the context of ‘democracy’ and ‘women’s rights’ and re-installed its bloodthirsty Jehadi stooges, along with a number of its mercenary technocrats; only this time they were implemented on our people wearing suits and perfume, instead of beards and pakols. But the US did not stop at this. It widely propagated that the presence of the most vicious elements in Karzai’s puppet regime represented ‘national unity’ and ‘acceptance of one another’! If our country had had a sliver of democracy, the anti-people figures like Abdullah, Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Anwari, Dostum, Qutbuddin Hilal, Ismail, and other traitors and criminals of yesterday, who are the embezzlers and corrupt people of today, would have been put on trials instead of participating in the elections. But the US has correctly recognized these sell-outs as its reliable lackeys and tries to protect them howsoever possible. And in return, these elements have served the colonial aims of the US in Afghanistan more than any other force.

The only solution to the current situation is not through the elections, the result of which is already known, but is in mass struggle against the traitors and criminals of the past four decades that have still held our nation captive. A country that does not have independence cannot consider democracy or justice. Unless our people don’t free themselves from the occupation of the US and its allies, our people cannot attain prosperity, justice, and freedom. As long as our country is occupied by the US and its allies, the most infamous, treacherous, savage, and plunderer figures and forces will be installed in the country and our nation will not escape war, corruption, mafia, and bullying. The nations who have achieved prosperity and glory have bravely struggled against and resisted foreign invaders and their indigenous traitors.

We shall erase the shameful stains of 27th and 28th April by the annihilation of its perpetrators!

Let us affirm our commitment to independence and democracy by struggling against the Northern Alliance gangs, Taliban, and foreign occupiers!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
April 28, 2014

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