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RAWA, 29.06.2009

Some Jehadi and mafia candidates in the world’s most undemocratic elections

The president would only be the one most committed to US, accepting them as their masters and being their loyal lackeys.

Amongst the presidential candidates we can generally find two groups: Famous ones with a political past and many crimes staining their hands, and unknown ones with two factors affecting their participation in this elections drama: Either they are foolish and cannot comprehend this elections mockery, not knowing that the president of Afghanistan is chosen in the White House or they are just trying to get fame and wealth in the future.

References about some of the candidates in the first group:

Hamid Karzai
Hamid Karzai

Hamid Karzai: A puppet of US who has always considered privileging fundamentalists especially the Northern Alliance criminals as one of his primary duties. Sources like The Independent and New York Times rank his brothers on top of the drug kingpins and therefore through this channel, his hands are also stained with drug-trafficking. One of his jokes is that he announced his total wealth just $10,000 for which the whole nation has to laugh and ask who pays for his election campaign expenditure sky-rocketing to thousands of Dollars?

Karim Khalili Qasim Fahim
Karim Khalili and Qasim Fahim

Karzai gained yet another eternal disgraceful scar for announcing Qasim Fahim and Karim Khalili (both criminal fundamentalist leaders accused of war crimes against our people) as his vice presidents. He, just like any other reactionary and demagogue, has cauterized the hallmark of ‘national unity’ and has called his criminal act as ‘securing national unity’ which has only one correct meaning: unity of all Jehadi and mafia criminals belonging to every position and religion under his own leadership! His presidency for the second time would prove this fact to even the most ignorant person that he is not chosen by people and neither does he belong to them with all his treacherous conspiracies with the dirtiest felons in the country’s history.

Abdullah Abdullah

Abdullah Abdullah: He is one of the mafias of precious stones and drugs, the head of Shura-e-Nizar and Jamiat-e-Islami bands who has surpassed every traitor and murderer in the tens of thousands killings of Kabul citizens and lootings and rapes during the bloody and treacherous years of Jehadis’ rule (1992-96). For a criminal with extreme impudence, it is normal to nominate himself for presidency. But perpetual shame and disgrace on Humayun Shah Asifi and Dr. Chiragh Ali who feel proud as his vice presidents. Maybe Humayun Shah Asifi is getting a membership of CIA through Abdullah but it’s baffling how and why Dr. Chiragh Ali smashed his pride and dignity by agreeing his vice presidency? The blood of his young son-in-law Dr. Fawad murdered by ruffian Abdullah or his criminal partners has not yet dried when he committed this shameful act.

Latif Pedram
Latif Pedram

Latif Pedram: He, with a special relationship with Rabbani and others, why should not he have the right to participate in the world’s most democratic elections?! In the previous elections, he reached to some fame and recognition but when some months back he was arrested with his master Rashid Dostum for attacking Akbar Bai’s family, his name spread all over the country and even around the world. Maybe considering his latest disgrace and insolence, he sees his chances of becoming president in the ‘state’ of Jehadi and mafia friends more possible!

Salam Roketi
Salam Roketi

Mullah Rakiti: He is the criminal who was the commander of Nangarhar Province army regiment during Taliban’s regime and with his other like-minded men, he enjoyed lashing women in public, checking the beards of men and driving them towards mosques.

He is an executing model of so-called “Sharia” of Taliban and gained abundant fame and esteem amongst Taliban when he raped the two male Chinese engineers taken as hostages by him! Now that he equals himself with other criminal candidates, why should he not try his luck in this amusement where literacy or not having a background like Gulbuddin or Latif Pedram is least important? It is obvious that he has been encouraged by US and Karzai to participate in these elections so that it directs Taliban’s interest too and elections become more ‘democratic’ and ‘colorful’.

Ashraf Ghani
Ashraf Ghani

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai: He is said to be an old and dedicated agent of CIA who sows discord amongst Pashtuns and Hazaras. His dirty Pashtun chauvinism is so extreme that he even defended the Taliban, just like Khalilullah Hashimyan and Rostar Taraki. At the same time, he has always grabbed every opportunity to conspire with ‘Northern Alliance’. His inferiority and contempt is quite clear when he announced that when Karzai talks about corruption, he acquires his words to show that Karzai’s speeches are written by him.

Even the horses and donkeys of Afghanistan can talk about the unparalleled corruption in Karzai’s government. If he would have some conscience, he abstained from collaborating with the corrupt criminals of the cabinet and exposed them; not that he would sink deeper into corruption than other ministers and embezzles his nation like Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi did.

Jabar Sabet Mirwais Yasini
Jabar Sabet and Mirwais Yasini

Jabbar Sabit and Mirwais Yassini: They are the terrorists and acid-attackers of Gulbuddin’s party and being ‘attorney general’ and ‘parliamentarian’, none of them confessed being ashamed belonging to such a criminal’s party.

Both these and their Islamic band know that among their brother candidates, Washington announcing their win has thin chances but to show that their party is still actively ‘working’ with CIA, they have availed this opportunity.

Shahnawaz Tani
Shahnawaz Tani

Shahnawaz Tanai: He is an agent of ISI and the murderer of thousands of our intellectuals and freedom-fighters during the rule of the Russian puppets, Khalqi and Parchami Quislings; a humiliated Khalqi who on the orders of ISI, became a lapdog of Gulbuddin so that incase they win the coup d’etat against Dr. Najib, he can pass on the power to Gulbuddin’s Hezb-e-Islami. He and his fathers do not dream of his ‘presidency’ but just to keep the flag of ISI and the afflicted rascals of Khalqi-Gulbuddini hoisting in the ‘democratic elections’, he took part in this game.

Amongst these, the president would only be the one most committed to US, accepting them as their masters and being their loyal lackeys. If the decision would be in the hands of Afghan people, instead of creating ‘Elections Commission’ they would create ‘Commission for investigating the crimes of the last 30 years’ and record their names in that list. Their place would be behind bars and not the Presidential Palace.

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