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RAWA, 19.06.2009

Brave New Films partnership with RAWA to help Afghans displaced by US war

Please watch this short film and make an online donation to RAWA

Video Clip

Rethink Afghanistan is a ground-breaking documentary by Brave New Films that focuses on what is really happening in Afghanistan as a result of US policy.

In part 4 of the film released online on June 16, you can see the shocking reality of civilian casualties and the resulting refugee crisis.

View the short film directly at

Brave New Films has partnered with RAWA to provide direct aid to the displaced people of Helmand who are living in desperate conditions in suburbs of Kabul. The plight of these people has been covered in the above clip.

Please watch this short film and make an online donation to RAWA:

Or mail a check made out to:

IHC/Afghan Women's Mission
P.O.Box 40846,
Pasadena, CA 91114-7846,

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

RAWA will spend your donation on distribution of supplies to the displaced people; Brave New Films will film the delivery of aid.

NOTE: Parts 1-3 of the film can be viewed at

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