RAWA isn't afraid of the threat and terror of the fundamentalists

Late on the night of March 18th, some strangers knocked on the door of a Malalai Hospital female personnel's house that is close to the Hospital. The women living in that house didn't let the strangers come in because she was quite suspicious of their identity, but asked them to go to hospital if they had anything to say. Minutes later, the Hospital Assistant Director, Mr. Mohsin, arrived and while trying to enter the Hospital, was suddenly attacked by bullets from the guns of the three unidentified men who had covered their faces and uttered curses against RAWA. Mohsin received a serious injury to his abdomen when the fundamentalist terrorists opened fire on him, after which they fled away immediately.

This is not the first time that RAWA personnel have been assaulted by fundamentalist terrorists or pursued by Pakistani intelligence. The reason is quite clear: RAWA has never given up its staunch stance against the fundamentalists and for democracy and RAWA political independence despite the manifolds difficulties and pressures it copes with.

Enemies first tried to destroy the strong resolve of RAWA members in their undaunted struggle against the puppet regime and fundamentalists by murdering our founding leader, Meena and later attempted bloody attacks on our members to create fear and intimidation among us. But Meena's followers, who have sworn on her blood, have kept her glorious banner aloft with even more vigor than before.

Now our enemies, with their failed plots, have made yet another attempt to fill us with fear through their latest terrorist attack, unaware of the fact that this revolutionary organization has and always will answer such cowardly threats by these religious terrorists by exposing their heinous crimes even more.

As RAWA has not been frightened by KHAD nor by the Jehadi criminals, nor by the Taliban fascists, nor by the death sentence issued by the US-based weekly magazine "Omid", nor by the attack of the "Northern Alliance" gunmen on the sellers of "Payam-e-Zan" in Kabul, this latest attack does not frighten us either, but rather increases RAWA's resolve to expose even further the crimes and atrocities of the fundamentalists and their elements at the national and international level. This incident also once again disgraces those people who treacherously accuse RAWA of having affiliation with Pakistani intelligence centers.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) appeals to its supporters around the world to raise their voices in defense of RAWA and condemn this terrorist attack through every possible means.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
March 20, 2003

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