RAWA's Malalai Hospital Serves Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Kamila with her 3 daughters born in Malalai Hospital on March 21, 2004

The 3 girls with their parents on July 26, 2004

Malalai Hospital
Lina, Roya and Rohina after around 5 months of their birth in MH

MH staff with the new born babies on March 21,04

"Three lucky girls"

March 21, 2004 (New Year in Afghanistan's calendar) was a busy day in MH. Dr. A, a gynecologist, after tiring working hours was about to leave the hospital when one of the nurses approached her: "We need your help." Few minutes later Dr. A was in delivery room to help Kamila, a young woman bearing hard moments of child labor. Within half an hour the first child was born, but the mother still had pain, then the second but still pain? Dr. A said: "one more!" And minutes later the third one was there. All three were girls and in good condition. First one was 3kgs and 100g, the second two were 2kgs and 700g. From the early hours they were called "three lucky girls". They survived and are very healthy.

Few days later Kamila and her husband Mohammad Azam who live in Islamabad sent their greetings and gratitude and the names of their daughters to the hospital through one of the staff living in same neighborhood:

"Lina, Roya and Rohina, your lucky girls' are fine. We are happy and proud to be parents to four lovely daughters". (They already have another daughter.)

Mohammad Azam who has come from Pul-e-Khumri (a province in Northern Afghanistan) and now has "good' life (comparing to Afghans live in Kacha Abadi or other camps), yet, he has no job, is always looking forward to his relatives abroad for help, fearful of police. He is not sure of going to Afghanistan. 'We have nothing there." He says. "Security is the first thing we all want and need but now there is none. So how can I think of going back to my country?"

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