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Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the Operation USA shipment of medicines. The response was so great but unfortunately due to problems we could not receive the shipment but OUSA purchased some medicines for us here in Pakistan.
Special thanks to Katha Pollitt and other supporters in New York for organizing fundraising events to collect funds for the shipment.

re-open Malalai Hospital in Pakistan

Dear friends,

We come to you asking for your help to get medical supplies, equipment and medicines to RAWA for use by our mobile health teams and to re-open Malalai Hospital in Pakistan.

An NGO by the name of Operation USA has offered to put together a 40 ft. sea container full of medical supplies, equipment and medicines to fulfill RAWA's medical needs. Operation USA requires a partner, however, to cover the costs of shipping the container.

We request you to send us donations for the shipment of the medicines to Pakistan. All the money raised will go directly to paying for the shipping charges of the 40 ft. sea container.


To serve thousands of our female refugees and their children, RAWA founded Malalai Hospital in 1986 with a number of sections and 25 beds in Quetta, Pakistan. Financial constraints, however, brought this hospital to the point of closure after 10 years. It served some 400 patients per day and developed a reputation of being one of the best hospitals in the area. Now some of our supporters in the US are helping us to re-open the hospital.

When 2 RAWA activists were for a speaking tour in Los Angeles this July, a RAWA supporter arranged for them to speak before 350 people at the Museum of Tolerance. That night, they inspired members of a NGO called Operation USA. The NGO responded to RAWA activists' passionate plea for assistance to re-open the Malalai Hospital, RAWA's free hospital for Afghan women and children.

RAWA also asked for assistance with the medicines and basic equipment needed by the mobile health teams that work inside Afghanistan. Operation USA immediately offered to help RAWA with the Malalai and the mobile health teams.

A co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Operation USA is a relief and development NGO specializing in disaster relief and medical development projects. Privately funded, Operation USA has worked in 82 countries and has provided over $140 million in aid.

So, that leaves a 40 ft. sea container full of RAWA's medical needs sitting here in Los Angeles.

Would you like to help?

You can help in several ways, perhaps you could organize a fundraiser or spread the request for shipping charges to your list groups, friends and organizations, or perhaps you are connected with an organization who might like to help directly. You may also contact some churches for help.

If you need a tax deduction for your donation, please contact Neil Frame at Operation USA to ask for instruction. All donations should be directed to:

C/O The RAWA/Malalai Project
Neil Frame, Director of Procurement
Operation USA
8320 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Malalai Hospital served thousans of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

A team of Malalai Hospital educates women about health care

Malalai Hospital with 25 beds in the service of Afghan women and children for 10 years

War wounded inside Afghanistan were also rushed to Malalai Hospital for treatment

Malalai Hospital

Your donations can help us reopen the hospital to help these innocent children

Kindly inform us by emailing when you are sending donations.
Heartfelt thanks in advance for your help to the most oppressed women.

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