RAWA statement on sacking of second degree warlords by Karzai

Don't be Afraid Mr Karzai!
Target the Sharks Not the Fish!

Exactly one year after his complete collaboration with the fundamentalists and kissing and praising them, it seems that Mr.Karzai has come to the conclusion that the said traitors' unquenched thirst for inflicting their "emirates" on our people is much greater than their desire to obey the central government. However, instead of killing the sharks he targets their children and instead of sacking the criminal "emirs" he sacked their second degree brokers.

What value has the dismissal of the chief of police or the chief of customs of this or that province when their creators and supporters in the "emirate" and their provinces continue their cruelty and oppression of our people, plunder the wealth of our nation, and commit high treasons?

One year after the formation of his government, Mr. Karzai, despite the presence of the foreign forces, cannot see any stability in the country nor any promising and hope-giving decrease in the terrorism and criminalities of the Jehadis. Thus, in reality, it is the stick of his own mistakes that is beating him. He has encouraged the said criminal bandits even more by praising them in words and giving posts to their sons and brothers and special agents. Besides naming Ahmad Shah Masood a national hero and Fahim "Marshal", he, especially in the Loya Jirga, thought that if, like a good boy, he said "well-done" and "bravo!" to the severe, coarse, threatening and insulting speeches of Sayyaf, Qanoni, Khalili, Rabbani, Mohsani etc. and their agents and gave in to their sayings and even imitated them, beginning his speeches by "Asalaam-o-Ulaikum and Rahamatullah Wa…" and the recitation of Qura'nic verses, then he could make up with the rabid dogs. Whereas experience shows, as we again and again emphasized, that the Jehadi criminals will not change their nature as the leopards will not change their spots. Experience also showed that those who benefited from the collaboration and "working and engaging" of Mr. Karzai with the enemies of our people were neither the fundamentalists not Karzai nor his supporters. By using this chance and the outstretched hand of Karzai towards them, these criminals hammered the nails of plunder and oppressive authority harder on our nation and now are in a position to defy him. Of course the foreign supporters of Mr.Karzai also had their hand in letting loose these criminals against our people. Wasn't it the US Secretary of Defense, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld who, after his meeting with warlord Ismail Khan, named him an "appealing person, thoughtful, measured and self-confident" while the Human Rights Watch very simply named him an "enemy of human rights in the west of Afghanistan" and stated that it was Iran and the US which placed him (Ismail Khan) in such a position.

Mr. Karzai, when a song of an Iranian artist can make you weep, then the scar of the criminalities of the fundamentalists surrounding you, which are found on the body and soul of the people of Kabul and other cities, must force you to shed tears of blood and never commence at any price or under any pressure, to let them free without attending to all the criminalities and unchastities they are responsible for! Even if the fine day comes that you target the sharks directly, the job will not be finished. Not only the criminals must be sacked from their "emirates" and then put into jail, but also all the wealth and riches which they have collected during 20 years must be snatched from their mouths as well as that of their children and relatives. And consequently they all should face punishment for the crimes they have committed. A black list must be prepared of them and all measures must be taken into consideration to bar their escape from the country. And all the countries must be warned that under no excuse should these terrorists, who are dirtier than Omars and Osamas, be given asylum. All people should be asked to present their complaints against the unchastities, robberies and other crimes of these "emirs", "Marshals" and "Generals" to a well-authoritative commission in which world-known figures such as Mrs. Mary Robinson must participate directly.

Mr. Karzai, you are completely wrong if you think by setting up a national army the situation will change. Everyone knows that right now warlords have placed their gunmen in the army and all high positions are in their hands.

As long as these criminals are in power, foreign governments will also not heed our people's requests to provide funds for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Many NGOs can't provide effective help to people outside Kabul due to grave security threats and obstacles by warlords, who don't have any feelings towards the tragic situation of our people.

The sun of democracy and freedom only will shine on the horizons of our ravaged and blood-soaked country if the shadow of fundamentalist hangmen is removed once and for all.

Don't be afraid Mr. Karzai! The overall situation is such that even if the religious-fascists unite with "brother Hekmatyar" they can do nothing. The important thing is that you, rather than chasing fish while dressed to endear the sharks, must concentrate and insist on the struggle against these fundamentalists as resolutely as possible so that you can play a practical and real role in the rebuilding of our destroyed land and the securing of our national unity

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
November 23, 2002

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