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A family sit in despair, in Kabul, in the remains of their house hit by rockets. 1993

According to Amnesty International: "A family who lived in Kalala Poshta near Shahr Nou district in Kabul told Amnesty International that they had left their house in 1993 when the area turned into a battleground between the then alliance of Shura-e Nezar and General Dostum's forces against Hezb-e Islami . They were told a few days later that the guards had taken away dozens of Pashtun-speaking women from their locality. The area was reportedly captured again by a rival faction and the women were found in a house. All of them were naked. Some of the women reportedly asked the guards to kill them because they had been dishonoured, but the guards reportedly let them go.

Scores of women have reportedly been forcibly taken from their families in exchange for money. Some have been taken as wives -- Mujahideen commanders have been known to marry several young women in one night. Others have been sold into prostitution. Some party leaders and influential commanders have also reportedly forced families to sell them their young daughters and sons who are then reported to have been sold into prostitution, frequently in Pakistan and other countries."

Women in Afghanistan, A human rights catastrophe, May 1995

Homeless family

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