RAWA communiqué on passage of the "National Conciliation" bill in the Afghan parliament

Disgraceful Bill of "National Conciliation": The last nail into the coffin of fake democracy

The Parliament of Afghanistan recently passed the infamous bill of "National Conciliation" whose main theme is forgiving and providing immunity to all traitors and criminals. This act, for the thousandth time proved the Parliament’s anti-nation and treacherous nature and showed that this league of traitors and murderers, under the name of democracy, are practically in service of the fundamentalist warlords, who are the filthy enemies of Afghanistan and our unfortunate people.

All her family member were killed by Jehadis in 1992
These victims of the fundamentalist's crimes demand justice.

The passage of this bill by the parliament in its current combination and elements is not surprising. But one point that the collaborator and compromising intellectuals, who hide themselves under the slogans of "national unity", "tolerance", "forgetting past", "looking into future" etc., should learn about is that hereafter they shouldn't close their eyes by juggling realities and mislead our people. For example when Shukria Barukzai met the infamous and criminal Mullah Rokitee in the parliament, she told reporters: "I found a new friend in the parliament."

The last report of Human Rights Watch about the crimes of the fundamentalists in Afghanistan and specially the hanging of Saddam Hussain frightened the ruling killers in the country, who lost their wits and saw the end of their existence very close. They were determined to use all their power and dominance in the government, to block the way to their trial and annihilation. The hanging of Saddam reflects the fact that if the US has some elements in her lap today and it is in her interests try to portray them as champions of democracy, it is possible that tomorrow she would identify them as useless and subject them to fate like Saddam, Noriega and the rest of her lackeys. Also it was proved that that the end of the most powerful dictators will be disgraceful like Saddam.

Today blood-suckers such as Sayyaf, Rabbani, Qanoni, Muhaqiq, Khalili, Dostum, Fahim, Olumi, Ranjbar, Haji Farid, Mullah Rokitee, Perum Qul, Gulabzoy etc. have smile of victory on their faces because of this bill. All of them, whether Khalqi and Parchami types or Taliban and "Northern Alliance" types, have joined hands and formed a Saints alliance against our people to hide their brutality, crimes, and betrayals of their motherland, and extend their black sovereignty. At the same time they have provided the context to set free the sick executioners like Sarwari, Zardad and the like from the grasp of justice.

There were no other honorable legislators, except Malalai Joya and few others, to raise their voices against the treacherous bill and stop its approval in the parliament.

Although the United Nations announced its opposition to this bill, one has to see if this reaction is another game, like calling the fraudulent and shameful election a "miracle." Otherwise it should continue until the end.

The governing criminals, Mr. Karzai, his partners, and foreign masters should know that by insulting our people and their martyred loved ones so shamelessly, there will come a day that our sorrowful people will take their destiny into their own hands, and will tear apart such unchaste laws and prosecute and punish those responsible for the past and present crimes against our nation.

The criminals present in the Afghan Parliament think that by playing the game of "National Conciliation", without any mental stress, they can forgive themselves of the responsibility of shedding the blood of 65,000 civilians in Kabul in the early 90's, and with impunity they can escape from justice.

If Human Rights Watch recently unveiled only some parts of the horrific war crimes committed by the fundamentalists, RAWA has made public the shocking crimes by the despots of last 30 years, and will not allow these religious or non-religious hangmen to rest. The way we pushed Zardad toward the claws of justice in the UK government, we will not rest for a moment until the trial of each of these criminals. Today these puppets of foreign powers hold all the power in our country, and can pass any laws in their ridiculous parliament to defend and safeguard themselves. But they have forgotten that our freedom-loving people and peace-loving people all over the world will not allow them to play with the suffering of Afghan people forever. The nightmare of seeing the hanging of their brother, Saddam, will always disturb their sweet dreams until their punishment.

Our people want Sayaaf, Khalid Farooqi, Gulbudin etc. to taste the pain of the victims they have burnt in metal containers. They want Khalili, Muhaqiq, Kazimi and others to feel the pain of eye-gouging and driving nails into the skull of their victims, so each of them can then understand their terrible crimes against Pashtoons, Hazaras and other ethnic groups. Our people want Gulabzoy, Olomi, Ranjbar etc. to taste their crimes of mass-killings and burying alive. Our people want Mullah Rokitee, Mutawakil etc. to feel the pain of amputations and floggings. Only through a just prosecution they can realize the amount of barbaric atrocities and insults that they have committed against our people in the past.

RAWA urges all peace-loving and well-wishers of Afghan people around the world to voice their opposition to this unjust bill and thus prove their true friendship with the suffering people of Afghanistan.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

February 4, 2007

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