RAWA's function on the International Women’s Day
March 8, 2006 - Kabul

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Over 1,500 women and men participated

Over 1,500 women and men participated in an event organized by RAWA in Kabul to celebrate the International Women’s Day. The participants included a 12-member delegation of RAWA Italian supporters and a large number of journalists and guests.

Patriotic Songs

Children of RAWA orphanages presented patriotic songs in Pashto and Dari.

Rahima gives certificate to Italian supporters Cristina Cattafesta

On the behalf of RAWA, Rahima Paenda, a suffering mother whose daughter and son-in-law was killed by a US bombardment in 2001, presented a certificate of honor to the Italian supporters of RAWA. Cristina Cattafesta, from among the 12-member delegation of our supporters received the certificate.

Mir Ghulam Nabi Laura gives certificate of honor to Mir Ghulam Nabi

RAWA presented a certificate of honor to Mr. Mir Ghulam Nabi, a worker of Kabul Museum. He accepted a big risk during the Taliban regime and took some of the precious pieces of the museum to his house to save them from the Taliban drive who wanted to destroy all of the ancient pre-Islamic figures following the destruction of Buddhas of Bamyan. When Taliban were removed from power, he returned the pieces to the museum.
A RAWA member introduced Mir Ghulam Nabi: “We regard him and his like as real heroes of Afghan people, we don’t need the fake heroes made for us by foreign powers, we present this certificate of honor to him to convey our love and deepest respect to uncle Mir Gghulam Nabi”.
On the behalf of RAWA, Laura Quagliuolo, a dedicated Italian supporter of Afghan people handed over the certificate to him. In his short speech, he stated: “I thank RAWA and urge them to continue their revolutionary mission.”

The children presenting patriotic songs were from different ethnic groups of Afghanistan.

Mr. Gul Ahmad Yama Ms. Saliha

Mr. Gul Ahmad Yama, lecturer in the Kabul University and Ms. Saliha, an Afghan woman delivered their speeches in the function.

Theatric play presented by students of RAWA schools which exposed the nature of most of the members of the Afghan parliament.


Two of the Italian supporters of RAWA, Laura (left) and Simona (right) conveyed their messages to RAWA and Afghan women.

Mahmood Karvan Arya nMusical group

Some Afghan singers including Mr. Mahmood Karvan (left), a good friend and supporter of RAWA, presented patriotic songs in the function. Aryan musical group (right) came on the stage to present songs but unfortunately the electricity was cut due to which their performance was interrupted.

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