RAWA protest rally on the Black Day of April 28
April 28, 2006 Ė Islamabad

Windows Media Video file Movie clip of the rally
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To condemn the entrance of the criminal fundamentalists in Kabul in April 28, 1992, RAWA every year stages a protest rally to denounce it as a Black Day. On April 28, 2006, RAWA organized a demonstration in front of the UN headquarter in Islamabad. The demonstrators numbering around 600 women, girls and children arrived from Peshawar and some other cities of Pakistan and nearby provinces of Afghanistan.

When the criminal fundamentalist bands took power in Kabul in 1992 following the collapse of the Russian puppet regime, it was start of a new wave of terror, destruction and barbarism all over Afghanistan and especially the capital Kabul in the hands of terrorist fundamentalist gangs but now most of the top suspects of April 28 tregady have high posts in the government.

The demonstrators carried photos depicting the destruction and devastation in Afghanistan and portraits of top criminals in the government with cross marking on their faces.

A banner reads: "28TH APRIL (the day fundamentalists took power) ODIOUS THAN 27TH APRIL (the day Russian puppets took power)!"

RAWA demo
Some of the slogans on the banners carried by the participants were: "Parliament full of drug kingpins, criminals and traitors canít represent our people!", "Collaboration with any of the fundamentalists is equivalent to treachery", "The Northern Alliance should be brought to justice", "April 28 odious than April 27", "New cabinet: the same donkey with a new saddle!"

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