The Uruzgan murders: Another wound to our blood drenched nation

The blowing up of tens and the wounding of hundreds of people, mainly women and children, by the bombing of the American forces in a village in Uruzgan that had come together for a wedding celebration was yet another new pain to our ill fated people. After this tragedy our people with anger and despair questioned the presence of the American military forces in our country that has made many innocent people its victims.

RAWA has repeatedly expressed that the operation of the United States in Afghanistan is one carried out against a handful of its former friends and darlings who are now outside of the control of the United States. RAWA also believes that if such bloodstained carelessness by the American forces continues, not only will the Al-Qaida and Taliban criminals misuse this opportunity but also the protest of our people inevitably will take the form of struggle against the presence of American forces and its allies.

The material reparation of damages to the victims of Uruzgan by the United States government is so little that it is a mockery and cannot be a salve to even one of their many wounds. In a situation in which our country lacks a democratic government that is in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the people, the only voice against such atrocities that can be counted on is that of pro-democracy and anti-fundamentalist organizations, which must be widely and clearly heard.

RAWA shares the grief of the tragic Uruzgan murders.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
July 13, 2002