The Frontier Post, May 25,1998

Mullah Omar warns AI against criticizing Shariah

<Islamabad (NNI) - Threatening Amnesty International with grave consequences for criticism of Taliban's human rights, it supreme leader Mullah Omar, has said the student is simply implementing and observing Islamic injunctions.

In an interview with Voice of America, Mullah Omar said Taliban would react sharply if AI continued the criticism.

He rejected the AI report as mere allegations. "We are just implementing the divine injunctions", he maintained.

In a stern warning to AI, he said the organization has criticized the Qisas and Diyat, which was unacceptable to Taliban. The criticism, he said, would cause loses to AI.

Mullah Omar also refuted the AI allegation that the accused were not provided sufficient opportunity for defense. He said the judges were learned and aware with the judicial rules, adding AI should identify any judge who was not deciding cases according to Islamic laws.

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