The News International, December 20, 2001

RAWA to sue US authorities
Bureau Report

Peshawar: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is contemplating to sue the US authorities for unauthorized use of a photograph taken from the RAWA website in a handbill dropped in different cities of Afghanistan last month.

"They used the photographs without our permission," said a RAWA spokeswoman here Wednesday, adding that the association's website clearly mentioned that material could not be taken without proper permission.

Flyers dropped by the US in Afghanistan, RAWA photos have been published on them without our permission

Anohter flyers dropped by the US in Afghanistan, 2 photos on it (L and R bottom) are of RAWA.

The picture, showing Taliban fighter raising stick on veiled women queued at a building somewhere in Afghanistan, was printed on a flyer dropped by the US planes. The handbill carried frequencies to tune the newly launched US sponsored Radio Free Afghanistan. RAWA spokeswoman said one of their activists collected the flyer in the eastern city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan. She added the handbill was also dropped in Kabul and some other cities of the war-battered Afghanistan.

The picture shown on the flyer is one of the four photographs stolen from RAWA's online photo gallery. Spokeswoman said the photographs were taken by one of their activists in Kabul during the Taliban era.

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