The Frontier Post, February 26,1998

Appeal to UNHCR

Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I would like to draw the attention of the UNHCR chief to the ignorance of the protection cell.

You may be aware that two prominent Afghans, Samiullah and Akhtar Muhammad, central members of the Sulh-e-Mubarizeen (champions of peace), were assassinated on 9th February of the current year, on their way home near Shamshatoo, Peshawar.

This event of assassination is not a new one and since last few years a large number of progressive Afghans are being assassinated by some unknown fundamentalist gangs in Peshawar.

Even though your office is provided with the protection cell, due to the unprofessional attitudes of the assistant protection officer this cell is disabled to save or protect one's life at the time of danger.

A number of Afghans, who feel to be the next target of terrorism, are rushing to the UNHCR office, based in Peshawar, but in vain.

So far a few thousand applications have been lodged to the protection cell, unfortunately, most of the cases were dealt with the blind eyes. As a result, most of the applicants, for the sake of their safety, prefer to migrate illegally, which creates problems not only for them but also for the government.

In such circumstances, while the Afghans are losing trust in the UNHCR, it is requested that the protection cell should observe rules, regulations and policy of the UNHCR.


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