The News International, May 26, 2001

RAWA criticizes Turkish envoy's remarks

Bureau Report

PESHAWAR: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) condemned Turkey for declaring allegations of terrorism against Taliban as unjustified and baseless, said a RAWA spokeswoman here Friday.

A Turkish government special envoy Edymer Erman, who is visiting Kabul, said terrorism allegations against Taliban are unjustified and baseless and that there exists no evidence to prove the same.

The spokeswoman ridiculed the Turkish envoy saying that the (Erman) will only accept Taliban as terrorists after they have killed the remaining population of Afghanistan. She added: "Or they will accept Taliban as terrorists, if they (Taliban) extend their terrorist activities to other parts of the world, including Turkey."

The RAWA spokeswoman further said Turkish government has banned activates of religious groups in her own country and supporting Taliban against he will and wishes of the people of Afghanistan is wrong.

KHYBER MAIL, May 26, 2001

RAWA ridicules statement of Turkish envoy about Taliban

By Staff Reporters

PESHAWAR: The Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Friday ridiculed the statement of special envoy of Turkish government Edymer Erman published in a section of a press on Monday 24 that terrorism allegations against Taliban were unjustified.

In a press statement, the spokesperson of the RAWA said that the Turkish envoy was perhaps closing his eyes from the bare proofs and evidence of the unleashing atrocities by the ruling Taliban against innocent people in Afghanistan. The protracted infighting in Afghanistan, violations of human rights, barring women from education and massacre of opponents are the vivid proofs of terrorism added.

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