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The Afghan Victim Memorial Project, August 28, 2007

US/NATO Bomb Kills 18 Civilians in Musa Qala (photos)

Ghulam Mohammad's 8 family members, killed, Ghulam Mohammad’s 6 injured family members (3 men, 2 women, a child), at least 10 other civilians killed

Victim of Musa Qala bombing
Victim of Musa Qala bombing
Victim of Musa Qala bombing
The first photo (by Abdul Qodos of Reuters) shows an older man killed in the bombing. The next 2 photos (taken by Abdul Khaleq for the A.P.) show a small boy injured by US/NATO bombs and a woman wounded brought for treatment at the Emergency hospital in Lashkar Gah.

Photo Gallery of US victims in Afghanistan
The Afghan Victim Memorial Project by Prof. Marc

During the night of August 25/26, 2007, in a village located ~25 kms south of Musa Qala town, Helmand Province, at least two homes were bombed by US/NATO aircraft after an earlier firefight.

The family of Ghulam Mohammad was hard hit: 8 members including children were killed and 5 others were severely hurt by shrapnel. The injured made it to the Italian Emergency hospital in Lashkar Gah. Were it not for the independent NGO, Emergency, one would probably not know about this deadly attack. Ghulam Mohammad told Reuters (August 26, 2007) about the air attack which lasted a couple hours,

"So far between 60 killed and wounded people have been recovered and there are people trapped under collapsed houses…"

A relative, Haji Saeed Mohammad added,

"It was a quiet evening and the bombardment began all of a sudden. Cattle have also been killed….We can't do anything, can't stay in our villages and can't go anywhere…it is best for us to be killed all at once than being killed every day."

Another source, a tribal leader from the area, Haji Abdul Manan Agha said two homes were bombed and "in one home 18 people attending an engagement party were killed, including women, children and men." Mohammad Gul, a taxi driver who brought six wounded to a nearby hospital said dozens of people were killed, adding

"If the Taliban shoot at NATO or American convoys, then NATO and Americans come back and bomb all of the area. And when we bring our casualties to the hospital then they say they are Taliban,"

and the US corporate media duly records the US/NATO lie which gets splashed all over the front pages.

A spokeswoman for NATO's force said that 12 militants were killed in the overnight clash, which started after Taliban fighters ambushed a joint US and Afghan army patrol some 25 kilometers (16 miles) south of Musa Qala. As if on cue, NATO said that no civilians were killed, a claim which could be independently verified to be a lie (per Emergency above).

The photos provide incontrovertible independent evidence that civilians were killed and injured by the US/NATO bombing.

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